Foreword Vadim skipped the publishing of the lyrics and translation, as translating was not even worth the time to him. As a simple check using the Google Translate service has shown, he is right when it comes to the translation. However the lyrics are nowhere available online, so here they are for those who need them. Song Lyrics Дождь, дождь, ты со мною плачь. Дождь, дождь, я с тобою плачу. Любовь потекла по венам, И боль разрывает душу. Одна стою, стою на краю. Ты рядом со мной, Но не мой.

2 years ago, I started my own quest, the quest to get every trustworthy organization listed that is supporting disadvantaged children within the area of Ukraine, and as of 2016 also Russia, and more importantly, that have no connection to politics, so not to any government, and neither support any means of political and military activity. Which is harder than it seems, as when it came to foreign organizations that helped out the area of Ukraine, there were not just hundreds, not even thousands, but tens of thousands organizations that

After all the horrible discrimination I have seen at the USA, I wish I could ask one of those people a simple and straightforward question, which is: “Are you against migrants?” The reason for that simple question is because the answer quite likely will result in anything meaning “yes”, at which moment a simple fault will show. As the reality behind the USA is simple, unless your ancestors are native Americans, all Americans are descendants of migrants… Eventually, the USA is a colonized country, just like all American countries, and

Honesty, it seems such an easy concept, however, the reality is different. When we look at what truly happens, many of us are not truly honest, not dishonest either, but rather staying in the middle. Which is not that strange, as when we go through life, situations will develop every day, and sometimes dishonesty is the better option. Eventually, honesty is not our first importance in life, although some may expect differently. The easiest way of important dishonesty is actually when it comes to the internet. As if I take

Once I was asked “why do you not hate me?”, which is a rather disturbing question to hear regardless, but especially when you are unaware where the question comes from. It’s a question that was asked me a few years ago, which left me speechless, unaware that the question had a lot of feelings behind it… There’s a saying, children are not born with a sense of discrimination, you are taught to discriminate by adults, which is sadly the truth. In reality, this is the first and foremost group who

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