It is something all of us have, emotions.
Some easy examples are sadness, happiness, anger, love, hate and dissapointment.
Though while we all have them, people are often very scared of showing them.

I never have denied I am an emotional person, as I just know that I am.
That is easily shown by the fact that I cry during emotional moments at movies and TV series, feel disgusted when I notice even the littlest forms of cruelty and am extremely happy by compliments.
Yes, that is something that is too often forgotten, if you are an emotional person, that does not mean only in the negative way, but also the positive way, both are emotions.
If you would only are positive or negative, you are not an emotional person, but just a negative or positive person, as only both sides combined are all of your emotions.

Still, people would like to call me a different way, a “highly sensitive person”.
Am I that way? The answer is possibly…
The thing is, all the known signs of highly sensitive people also conclude to another diagnosis at psychology, Autism..
It is one of the reasons that I stand against the current way of diagnosing diagnoses, as there are very clear differences, especially when you look at the social aspect.

When you put me and an autistic person in 1 room, it will end up in 1 of 2 ways, either I become their carer or it will become 1 huge fight.
The thing is, unlike Autistic people, I do have the ability to understand others feelings, even more so, I notice them very quickly.
When it comes to people with straightforward Autism, their personality either causes that to be positive or negative, hence the carer and fight part I said.
It is something that was shown very clearly after an earlier blog post “I am proud to be different”, I received 1 kinds of response of Autistic people, great hatred…
As it was told to me, I was “too positive” and “if you are Autistic you will have it always bad”.
Whether that is true is something you should answer yourself.

Still, because of the current way Psychology works due to the “Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” better known as DSM, by the American Psychiatric Association, the diagnosis of HSP does not exist.
Currently the latest version of the DSM is 5 which was released in 2013, does not include the diagnosis of HSP, but also actually makes all forms of Autism, just Autism.
The problem with it, is that the DSM is used worldwide by people active at psychology, it is just the basic manual, like some kind of cooking book, and like a cooking book, most doctors will not do it another way.
In the end, I am a person with HSP, and I experience many problems because of the diagnosis not being there.

Previously I have been diagnosed with possible ADHD, which gave me first the medication of Methylphenidate and afterwards Dexamfetamine, which correctly can be compared to the drug Speed…
Methylphenidate already caused my brain to basically fry, causing my thoughts to be as cluttered as it could be and becoming actually hyperactive.
But, as the doctor did not see enough results, Dexamfetamine also was tried…
Dexamfetamine caused me to become delusional, seeing things that were not really there, becoming in extreme forms of hyperactive that caused me to fall asleep 1 to 2 hours after waking up, and even the impossibility to move.
All caused by an incorrect diagnosis, which both medication have caused permanent damage to my body, both mental as physical.

But also the current diagnosis of Autism causes problems.
People have a way of seeing Autism, and that vision is not actually incorrect, at least, if the ones with HSP would have their own diagnosis.
Yet, the diagnosis does not exist, and I am officially Autistic.
The problems are however in both small and big forms showable.
Small problems are for example people not understanding I am very social, empathetic and understanding, one of the reasons I have a “normal” girlfriend, which is also not understood quite often…
The bigger problems however show at everything psychological….
Doctors want to push me to medication that I do not need, act like I think differently than I do and talk to me like I am a baby.

It is all problematic, and unnoticed because it will be said “it is just part of his autism to act this way” and “he does not understand”…
Eventually I no longer visit any doctors active at psychology, as I have true distrust of everyone active at psychology, as they are not able to understand the first part of psychology, but also about humanity:
“Nothing is the same.”