@AlabedBana, the seven year old girl that has received a lot of media hype, yet even the more recent media releases dare not to face facts.
I could name many reasons why I do not support the account, yet none of them is that I do not believe the account, neither is it because I want the actual activity to stop.
My reasons are explainable by 1 word, which is safety.

Twitter has 1 very strong rule when it comes to children, and that is you need to be at least 13 years old to have an account, something which actually most social media platforms has as minimum-minimum age.
Something that has been done until this account was having it actually as very strict rule, which has equalled in the banishment of many children accounts.
Including actually when it comes to another, very close to me, conflict, which is the Ukrainian conflict, where the few who dared to oppose the Russian “Save Donbass Children” Campaign from Donbas equalled the termination of accounts…
Yet, there is made an exception when it comes to Syria?

When we look at facts there is a problem, which is that if there is made an exception for this 7 year old child’s account, anyone of the age of 7 and up will be effectively able to state that they are unable to be banned by Twitter…
The whole situation at Syria is about Human Rights, and when it comes to making an exception, the United Nations would have to state to Twitter that any child is right for turning to Article 2 and 7 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Those supporting the account might want to ask themselves, are you willing to state either that all social media networks will be usable by everyone of 7 years or older, or break Human Rights yourself by discriminating?

The thing is, I have nothing against the account on its own, as I do not support Russia because of their acts at Ukraine, which is why I can only support that, I do not support Assad as I see him as bad to Syria and like anyone who cares I want the situation at Syria to stop;
My problem however is that this opens the doors to bigger problems to children, doors that once opened are actually not able to be closed, unlike the situation currently at Syria.
In basics this account causes bigger problems then it will be able to currently solve, as this will not change the opinion of the people who need to change, as when the photos of death children do not cause their opinions to change, it is certain that a child speaking truth does not change it either.

So, no, I do not state the account is bad, I do not state Bana nor her mother Fatemah are doing anything bad, I state the situations caused by the existence and non-termination of the account is bad, as eventually it will lead to bigger problems.
My advice would be to Fatemah, the mother of Bana, to fully claim the account and just not change the Tweeting, just make it not the account of Bana, as that would remove all the current problems, and actually would cause me to support the account, as I currently am unable to do so as I would stand my against values of protecting the rights of all children.