If you read my blog, you probably noticed something, my choice of expressing certain things, including the use of mental health differences, instead of illness or problem.
It is because of my own difference, autism, which does not mean anything more than that my way of thinking is different than those who are regular human-beings.

If I would look to myself, I am currently diagnosed with the standard/main form of Autism, Classical Autism, yet with the more recognized feature when it comes to Asperger’s syndrome, a high IQ.(Mensa tested: Top 0,1%)
Still, I am not someone with Asperger’s syndrome, and that is for the same reason the diagnosis of Autism exists, but also why the forms of Autism should not be named the same…(I hate DSM-5)
Yes, the reason is that the way of thinking is different, even when it comes to just the differences between the forms of Autism.
It is something that is not known to many, and is not helped by the fact those active at psychology and psychiatry make the explanation to the outside world far too extensive and complicated, yet, neither by those who are active on the subject of Autism awareness being mostly the family of those with Autism, rather then the person himself or herself.

How do most know those with Autism?
Well, in a rather easy way of saying, as people who are socially challenged, have emotional problems and live inside their own little world.
That is how most people generally know it, and while it is not actually close to how most with Autism are, this generalization is used by a massive amount of people.
Yet, those who are active at creating awareness tend to fight about 1 single thing, whether it is caused by medication/drug usage around the time of birth;
It kind of pisses me off that people are fighting about that, as it is not important, but in my opinion far more important, Autism is not 1 diagnosis, it is rather a combined diagnosis of many forms of syndromes and just general differences in the way the brain works, so it actually could be that 1 specific form is caused by medication, while another is not, it is both Autism, in the end, so the discussion is useless, as basically both sides are right and wrong, as it can not actually be proven…

It is actually quite interesting when you look at mental health in general.
As is anything in the subject of Mental Health really proven?
Just think about it, many diagnoses are based on the acts of someone, rather than truly looking at how the brain works; and there are obviously a few exceptions, like Epilepsy.
We could even actually ask ourselves if those with Autism are the ones with a mental health difference, or those who are supposedly regular, as do we really know what is regular?

When it comes to people with Autism, every single one of us, the importance is to understand that the difference is the way we think.
However, that different way of thinking is not bad, it tends to be good like we have seen at most of the developments we have made as humanity, they almost always come of those with a form of Autism.
Yet, you might want to ask yourself: does anyone actually think exactly the same way as another?