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The Calmth of the Snow

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Blog update – 12th of June 2016

Just recently my blog went from being hosted at the USA to being hosted at Ukraine.
Today another step was taken.

My previous rather boring design…

has been renewed with a fresh-looking (and “snowy”) design.

Also some post and pages have been added, which also will be done to future post and pages, the “flag system”.
If a post or page includes a flag, it means the content written is also available in the language that is recognizable with the country flag.
flag system
As I sometimes write content in more than 1 language, this will make it easier to see if I wrote any content in another language.
Also this will make it easier if you come to my blog at a post or page in another language, to get to any of the other languages the content is available at.

I hope you enjoy visiting my website and the content I write!