I have my stances that go against my half-sister’s, easiest being my Pro-Turkish stance, yet, at the discussion of Armenia and Azerbaijan, I side with Armenia, it is in fact the only right stance to make by now…
In most situations I would have said to take the neutral stance, but when most of the world sides with Azerbaijan, I can hardly do so.
It is the exact reason why the Ukraine-Russia, Yemen-Saudi and the Syrian conflicts have become the way they are today, masses of countries choosing a side…
The involvement of other countries should be about searching peace, however, without war, there would be no economy to the higher placed people, hence the need for them going on, and people choosing sides, effectively pushing everyone to take sides.

This is what happened at the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict, many countries have sided by Azerbaijan, while I can’t deny Armenia has very valid stances.
And when I am honest to myself, in ways Armenia has become the weaker one, especially as no one truly noticed what exactly has been going on.
One of the main reasons some give for supporting Azerbaijan over Armenia is the fact Armenia has close Russian ties, forgetting Azerbaijan in fact equally has this.
Azerbaijan has however very close ties to Turkey, hence why Ukraine sees Azerbaijan as an easier ally, as Ukraine is already allied to Turkey, and Armenia’s biggest ally does still remain Iran…
Yet, Azerbaijan once again, has ties to Iran as well…
Yes, the silly part is, in facts Azerbaijan would be the greater threat, and in fact the only true choice of standing against, as in powers, they would be able to invade Armenia, however, they can’t.
Yes, I choose to say can’t over don’t, as while they have the powers, Azerbaijan has basically made themselves unable to really do anything:
Their media releases are very hostile, this is however often not noticed, their stances are however very clear and still, very hostile nonetheless.
At the moment they would start to invade Armenia, they would show exactly what the smaller group of people have been saying all along, Azerbaijan is the problem, not Armenia,
And yet, in actual fact this has already been proven over and over again.
Looking at the third part of this discussion, Turkey, you will see something strange going on, more and more support to Armenia instead of Azerbaijan, sadly not very openly often, but the move is ongoing and able to be noticed if you will look closely.
It is one of the reasons why I myself can openly say I support my sister at Twitter, but also that I support Turkey.

But if Turkey is slowly moving away of Azerbaijan and Turkish people supporting Armenia, why don’t we see this happening in media or governmental parts?
The answer is basically why Propaganda exists, Media is selective, their releases always have some sort of goal, whether it is to entertain or the change your opinion, their releases always have goals.
Governmental people should in fact need no explaining, they care more for their own country, than they truly do about other countries, and supporting Azerbaijan, at this moment, has a higher chance of getting something out of it, whether it may be resources or just money, it has a higher chance.
And yet, there is a fourth party…
Is it the one who exactly stands as a giant above everything else, which is Russia…?
Most suspect Russia has closer ties to Armenia, hence rather a support to Azerbaijan, and why USA seems to support Azerbaijan.
Yet, in fact Russia is the main power behind both forces, Russia sells weapons and resources to both sides, basically making the ties to both equally.
So… if Russia ain’t supporting either side, are they exactly the fourth party?
No, they are not, they are some ways the scapegoat, made by themselves though, not the outside world.
The fourth party is in fact the one below both countries, yes, it is Iran.
While many still see Russia as the big power at the Caucasus, the one that has more power at this area is most certainly Iran.
While any of the countries at the Caucasus could ally with Russia, if they would get in fights with Iran, it would not matter anymore, as Iran has set themselves as the strongest power at the region.

Yet, if Iran is such a strong power, why is there no peace possible?
Yes, I say indeed there is no peace possible, and that is in fact by the USA taking a stance, they have sided by Azerbaijan by the looks of it.
Due to the choice of the USA making stances of showing Azerbaijan support, Armenia had to turn to Russia more, yet basically in fact getting the same support as Azerbaijan has been getting, yet by doing this, setting a bad image to most of the world, as there is a huge stigma at Russia by now. (Created by the Kremlin, no denying this by me.)
The USA has pushed Armenia into a position of having to defend themselves, which you see in the major amount of social media responses.

Yet, the only right response to this is by looking why this all is happening.
Nagorno-Karabakh Republic | Artsakh Republic is said to Azeri by Azerbaijan, Armenian by Armenia.
A simple look through history books and old atlases instantly back up Armenia and indeed show it is Armenian.
Yes, it indeed always has been Armenian throughout history, so let us look where it went wrong.
The answer is the Soviet Union.
No, no, no, the Soviet Union is not actual causer, the causer is in fact the United Nations, yes, those who are very stigmatized themselves by now, as they basically have 2 sides.
They have the good side, which are the charities like UNICEF, UNFPA and WFP, however, their bad part is in fact their political side.
Yes, while Nagorno-Karabakh Republic was in fact always Armenian, the United Nations made the choice of calling it Azeri, making an obvious conflict start.
Yet, while the United Nations have had around 25 years now to resolve this by just doing the right thing and making it Armenian, like it should be, they never did.
Instead the United Nations did the exact thing they say they stand against, caused a massive conflict that is still ongoing until today.
But, in fact that also shows why the USA supports Azerbaijan instead of Armenia.

The United Nations was made by the “big 5” after the second world war.
The big 5 were: The United Kingdom, The Soviet Union, China, France and, yep, the United States of America(USA).
Basically, by now The Soviet Union doesn’t exist anymore, so they could be called the big four in ways.
Basically, the USA is one of the founding fathers of the United Nations, so standing them against the United Nations would be rather strange.(Some states do however!)
But, apart of France, none seem to do of the founding fathers!
The United Nations have united their founding fathers, that seems to be accomplished, but they are however the only power behind all of the current happenings, and they are in all ways bad at this one, as they started it, but now let it go on as well…
In many ways the only right thing for the United nations is to call on recognition and making it part of Armenia, but like I said before, their political side is the bad part of them, and if they ever will be smart enough to take their first own step to stopping a war they made, is an answer they can only fill in…