Being expressive, a characteristic people has, but in fact it is important to to take this as an importance at national and international discussions.
To understand why, I will use 4 countries to explain, which are Russia, Ukraine, USA, and Canada.
Be aware though, that this is not restricted to just these 4 countries, which is why I advice to fully read this article before thinking anything.

Let’s start off with the most recent discussions, which are the USA and Canada.
As of recently, according to many Canada has become the angel, and a part of the USA the opposite…
What we forget are like always, facts.
Most of the facts when we look at these 2 countries, are that they are very much the opposites of each other.
In basics, they are put together by using 2 terms, the USA is very open, Canada is very closed…
Americans tend to be very expressive people, they basically show everything they think, which can be both good and bad. In case of recent events it is a bad, as when we are honest the American expressiveness is the main problem behind everything, as the President-elect of the USA hasn’t even made 1 true decision, and the world has become chaos.
Canadians are exactly the opposite, they are people who may think certain things, but most often do not show it.
This is actually easily shown by comparing the social media activity of Canada, to the actual decisions of the Canadian government…
Canadians are very often actually complaining at social media, but when it comes to actual media releases, it often stays quiet.
Does this say Canadians are better people than Americans?
Well, most certainly not!
The thing people should be aware of, is that maybe Canadians do not often express their feelings truly out in the open, but the same feelings without a doubt do exist!
The reason for this difference is in fact known, and that is indeed like many say, the media, which at the USA is actually far more open than people are aware of, despite the “beeping” of most non-Americans do know the America Television for.

To not make not a true big leap, we move on to Russia.
Russia is known by almost the whole world for 1 single thing, propaganda.
To give the answer to everyone, including Russians, yes, the Russian media is full of propaganda.
As resident of Russia, I have learned swiftly to not watch TV, to always use VPNs, proxies and dedicated servers, and to break the GPS function of all my devices.
Russians most often do not know they are better off doing so, and they will be raised by propaganda.
However at the same time, it is very important to make a difference between Russia and Russians, as the Russian government is very different than actual Russians.
In my case, I prefer using the word Russia when I talk about the country, and the Russian government, while when I talk about residents, citizens and nationals of Russia, I will use Russians.
When it comes to Russians, there is a clear hate to the USA… and that is already it…
While people will talk about Russians hating Ukrainians, Turkish People, and sometimes also Canadians, this is actually close to never seen openly…
Instead, more often at Russia it is shown that they are respectful for people of other nationalities, apart of nationalists, which like the obviously criticized Ukrainian nationalists, do not even equal more than 10% of the Russian population.
Yes, it is the Russian government who are the actual problem here, and mostly not Russians themselves.

Last but not least is…
Ukraine, which I can’t say too much about, as I am biased…
Yes, I am honest about it, which is the exact reason of including it, to see that I won’t go denying facts.
I will therefore focus at the negative, which is where all of these 4 countries come to interact with each other.
Ukraine has a failing government, there is no denying to this, just like Russia already has, and the USA possibly(!) will get too.
While this is an undeniable fact, which is seen by the many forms of corruption that still remain at Ukraine, this is the point you should start taking notice…
As while Ukraine has a choice, so does Russia, so does the USA, and so does Canada…
When we look at things, all these 4 countries could be counted as failing, and yet, it does not stop at just these…
As I took 4 countries I knew much about, because I have lived at all 4 countries, have family at all 4 countries, and in fact care for all 4 countries.
Still, there is not even a single country that could say they are doing well!!!

I could name every single country of the world, and all of them have problems, but also all the countries around the world experience the important part where these 4 countries fail…
People are unaware of their own acts…
These 4 examples share the 2 ways people are unaware of their acts, the USA and Ukraine showing the example of people being open about what they stand for, while Canada and Russia keep their mouths shut.
To some it is better to speak up then to be silent, yet that is not factually true…
Both being silent and speaking up have good sides and bad sides, yet the main principle of everything is what I have tried to share at many blog posts by now, that people do not actually look at their own personal acts.
Both the USA and Ukraine are countries that have become split up because of their open character, while Russia has become oppressed by their silence, and Canada is one of the most ignored countries as they are unheard.(Which is also not as good as it may seem, and apparently not known to many Canadians!)
Both sides of this discussion would need a bit more of the other side…
But like I said, this does not count for just these 4 countries, but it counts internationally, as there is not a single country we could exclude at this!

The problem internationally are explainable by many words, that is without a doubt true, but it all traces back to the same word, unawareness.
Our expressiveness changes how much people are aware of this, yet does not take away whether people are unaware.
Yet, maybe this is also why we there are so many similarities at culture, tradition and religion.
However, like of what I spoke out above, people are not even aware of that…