“What we don’t see, we don’t know”

“What we don’t see, we don’t know”

Update: As my English has improved, so did I notice that what I wrote here was wrong in terminology. I have tried to improve this, but this may take away some of the overall readability of what I wrote. To understand why I changed, see what I wrote at the following article: http://snowcalmth.com/9838
Update 2: Related to previous update: http://snowcalmth.com/10932
Note: Many thanks to “Ark of Hope for Children, Inc.” at the United States of America for their continuous support of what I wrote below, and their support to me in my times of need. Without them this article was not possible.

Most often you can’t say anything, and already people think they know.
However, quite often the opposite is true.
The easiest of these examples are religion, nationality and health discussions.
Yet, while they are the easiest examples, they are not the only ones.

I can get quite annoyed sometimes about what people say.
People often classify others as bad just for their nationality or religion.
It is just wrong, as it just taking some kind of weird general image…
And that should say all, “general image”…
No-one is the same, so all those images are wrong.
Yet while these images are known for the subjects of religion, nationality and health, they are often unknown for some other subjects…

Two of the subjects where people often forget to speak out,
are in support of “Orphans”, “Foundlings” and “Children of War”…
Like I have already stated before, it are not Orphans (and foundlings) that actually get support of the “orphan campaigns”.
Neither is this often the case for children who are affected by war.
Many campaigns about Children of War indeed use photos of children, yet, they don’t actually look at the true essential need…
The discontinuation of wars.

These 2 “subjects” are however more to me than just that, they are who I am.
If you read my blog before, you should already know I lived for some time at Donetsk, this includes while it is in control of Russia…
Still, I never would have been at Donetsk and being able to be seen by people as “Child of War” if I hadn’t come in the “Care system” of Ukraine…

Orphans, foundlings and children of war are actually more stigmatized by the fact of the campaigns that are making people look past many things that happen.
While there are no lies at these campaigns, they make people focus on far less important facts to these persons, and that can in these situations be counted equally as bad.

To me personally the focus of these campaigns should shift, there is just no denying.
Campaigns that focus on orphans and foundlings should focus on all foundlings, and not just that little group that are covered by the campaigns.
And the campaigns of supporting children affected by war should focus on the full discontinuation of the wars, instead of just food, water and medicine.
as while they are obviously needed, it does not make a true difference if the situation itself is just continuing around them.
And often these solutions could be easier if the high-placed people have to stand trial for their acts, as they would need to think twice.
However, even the ICC(International criminal court) should be recognized before being able to act, which to me goes against everything we are fighting for these days….
It just makes it easy that no-recognition means no possible acts…

To me true campaigns, and even more important true acts, should happen right now.

While there are quite some valid and good “children of war” campaigns happening by organisations, they are still overshadowed by the fact many organisations go through campaigns too fast, making them not really stand out of the crowd at all.
It is there where my own interest isn’t that focused at.

There is however without a doubt also a true need for campaigns in support of Orphans and foundlings.
At this moment in time there are very few that are about anything else than
“Families Not Orphanages”, and as valid this statement is, the campaigns are not valid like I have already stated before.
I won’t be ever be able to know every single charity and foundation, which I would need to find valid charities in support of orphans and foundlings.
As there are only 2 charities I know that are fighting a true righteous cause for orphans and foundlings without putting too much focus on religion.
As in case of orphans and foundlings, I dislike religion ties to charities and foundations, as there is another problem, which I will take head-on in a next blog post.
The 2 charities however are not even international, 1 of them is located at the USA, supporting Eastern Europe, Western Asia and more recently Central Asia, the other one is at Russia, supporting only Russia…
Yet, Orphans and foundlings are there in every country, not just in Eastern European and Western and Central Asian countries…

The reason for me standing against the “Families Not Orphanages” campaigns is because of them actually only standing to help foundlings with living families, the more specific example of Orphans don’t even have parents, making these campaigns invalid, but more importantly, orphanages are locations for orphans only, so not foundlings with living families, at which 90% of these campaigns focus at, hence the more accurate name of “Anti-institutionalization” becoming used more often, as it is the valid term..
The actual main problem is however the situation at Children’s homes and orphanages.
The fact most foundlings have living families is important if the support would also be there for orphans, those who do not have living families, but also actually those do not want to return to their biological families.
As in fact that is a possibility too.
In current days with acceptance of 5 year old being able to identify as the opposite gender openly, shouldn’t foundlings have their own choice of decision too?

Where to me personally should be a focus on supporting foundlings is the actual situations at Children’s homes and Orphanages.
Sadly, the stigma remains huge, with the fact of people not knowing what an actual orphan is being the greatest example, but also others, the most notable to me being the abuse at children’s homes and orphanages by both adults and fellow foundlings…
As what I know for certain that happens are the following:

  • Beatings – Happened to me by both the adults and the other foundlings
  • Rape – I am very happy and lucky this hasn’t happened to me, I have however seen it happen to “fellow foundlings” by “fellow foundlings”, it still disgusts me to think about it, there is in fact nothing you can do to stop it as foundling, as you will become the target otherwise. I do not even want to say anything about the adults, only know that it happens…
  • “Acid and Fire” – The stigma surrounding this is actually understandable, as I would not even want to talk about it, as my story surrounding this hurt my soul even now. This happens by the adults and the other foundlings.
    While most often foundlings won’t target other foundlings with fire and I have only seen once the orphan/foundling-acid connection, animals are targeted, quite some times going as far as putting them ablaze, it has been very hurtful for me to see this, yet, if you show any response, you can get the others to target you, so you have to avoid showing how you feel, which was very hard to me, as I just can not stand cruelty against nature, just as much as I can not stand it against humans. The adults always targeted us, cigarettes being pushed onto our skin, hurting in ways indescribable. Acids could be in multiple ways, think of bleach being poured over even open wounds as one the lesser examples. Both end up in scars, which my back is in fact filled with…
  • Seclusion – This may sound as something to be happy about, or at least something that is not bad, however, this is not true. Being secluded, so taken away of the others, is 1 of the bad things to happen at a children’s home, especially at children’s homes where foundlings target foundlings , as you can be certain that once you are with them again, they will attack you and you will need to defend yourself. However, there are also psychological effects, as it often happens that you are bullied when you are back.
  • Bullying – Already stated before, it happens, as like in normal life, you are not the same as the others, and people are always able to find reasons to bully. Sadly, there is quite a huge amount of care-workers who either ignore or even join in the bullying, they might not be aware always that they do, but the act is bigger than the thought. Happened to me like I would think every foundling will have experienced.
  • Medical Abuse – This is done by adults, think of incorrect dosages of medication for the ones who are prescribed them, has in fact happened to me twice. both times my stomach was needed to be pumped empty and I was changed of Children’s home to a different cities over it. This actually happens very very very often, and I believe this is actually known to local governmental people, as you can not have a continuous flow of foundlings coming to hospitals and never think anything more of it…
  • Violence and Aggression – A more general and less specific one then the others, I choose to state this as separate one as not all of the above acts are done in a way of showing aggression or are done very violently.

And even that list is just the things I still remember.
Meaning it probably will be far and far longer.
When you would look at it, it is all abuse.
It is however ignored, as if foundlings are not important.
Or when it is actually recognized it happens.
it is often forgotten that sexual abuse does not only happen to the girls, but also to boys, like myself…

It all ends up in 1 phrase…

What we don’t see, we don’t know.