Why I translate music?

Why I translate?

During the night of the 7th of December to the 8th of December, most of the previous translations will be republished with hard-subtitles instead of “YouTube subtitles”.
The reason for this is ongoing problems with YouTube’s syncing when your internet speed is slow, causing videos to work okay, but subtitles becoming freakish.
All of them auto-publish at YouTube and will send a message through my social media profiles, if you are bothered by this, sorry, but like anyone would say, it are my profiles…

But why do I actually translate songs?

I am someone who writes to get rid of feeling bad, that is actually how this blog came to existence.
However, I also noticed it causes sometimes that I write too much.
Therefore I started with translating instead, as it is set what needs to written, yet does make me forget about things for just a moment. I do however only translate on requests of friends, hence some songs maybe coming across as a bit weird from time to time.
So, it is just my way of closing off from all my own worries.

For all current translations, check previous blog posts, and My YouTube
Apart of 2 songs, all songs translated here are not shared at my YouTube (yet), and the other way around.

Currently the translations are on-hold however, with the exception of 2 translations that are already done for Christmas and the changing of years.
It’s for the same reason why my social media profiles are currently not checked by me, which is that there are moments that worries turn towards something worse.