I have lived at many countries…
In fact, more than most will visit in their whole life.
It is this that causes me to sometimes be seen as a “wise boy”, which are not my words,
But in all honesty, I am not, I just took the time to listen.

Over the time I have moved, and moved, and moved, and therefore I learned, and not just about facts, but also about people.
It is the main reason why I am shocked by the happenings at the USA ever since their election results,
As when I am truly honest, it is not like people were unaware of their system, it was even called “better than democracy” by some.
Feelings probably were within them, but like they have for a very long time accused the Russian people, they were brainwashed by their own governmental system.

Eventually I ended up at Germany for some time, at the beautiful city of Leipzig, the only country I lived at, which I am actually able to speak positively about.
Which is weird, as most will have this with the countries that they are connected with, like the country of the nationality, so their birth country, or their country of residence.
None of these apply in my case, as my nationality is Ukrainian, as I was born at Ukraine, and I reside at Russia.
But why do I like Germany?

Well, that is quite easy.
I am someone who likes Europe as a whole, as if I am in a way patriotic about anything, it would be the region of Europe, which does actually include a part of Russia and Kazakhstan, and the whole of Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia.
It is the way I was raised, with the fact that I am European, not that I am Ukrainian, nor Russian, which most of the region I was born, and the region I lived most of my life, at identify with.
And unlike at history when it was France, Germany is now the country which holds Europe together as one.

Germany has changed since their past horrors, and when we look at the internet, the majority of Germans tend to be kind people, just like the majority of Canadians and Japanese people.
It is something that I notice most, kindness, and it made in my eyes Germany stand out of the crowd.
Now this may not be seen the same by others, but the countries that are often stated to be the most peaceful at Europe, like Denmark, Switzerland and Finland, I do not see as peaceful.
This is in some cases personal, like the majority of the Pro-Russians active right now are either Finnish or Dutch, but not every time, like the Danish being very discriminative during the Refugee Crisis, which apparently most have already forgotten, and the Swiss not being peaceful, but rather idle, as neutrality is not when you do not do anything, it is when you show you care, but choose not take sides, what Switzerland does is rather acting like a teen “Meh, I could not care less”…

Like I said, it is mostly personal, but apart of the political nonsense at Germany, I do not have a lot of other things I could say negative about it, that while I could do that easily with the other European countries that I lived at.
And well, I am someone who does not feel like moving somewhere far away, like Canada, New Zealand, or Australia, which are to me even more peaceful than Germany.

(This opinion excludes certain countries at Europe, like the United Kingdom, for not having lived there, or an extremely short time.)