Discrimination is within us all

Discrimination is within us all

Forms of discrimination

Have you ever noticed yourself discriminating others?
I do know I do, even though I hate discrimination…
The thing is, when I look at the known reasons, I could oversee myself doing so.
Still, just looking very close to the top 3 reasons, most will notice they discriminate, like I do too…
So, what are the 3 top reasons to discriminate?
(This is to what I have noticed, might not be right across the world.)

  • Darker skin color.
    The color of the skin is caused by pigment in the skin, so this is just silly.
    Nevertheless, it happens.
    I do not get it, as many people have darker skin colors.
    Sadly, this however is actually sometimes just as well caused by a group of “very dark skin colored people” who link every statement to discrimination, but that is just a group within a group.
    Most often the skin colors outside of Northern America, Europe(Except Spain, Greece, Italy and Turkey) and Northern Asia already get darker.
    While not all of those “darker skin colors” get a response, it does happen.
    It is sad how we judge based on this, as it is no true difference.


  • Religion is seen as reason to discriminate and to hate…
    That reason gets so… boring.
    One of the valid reasons people complain is “conversion”.
    Yet, the discrimination is invalid, as people show they are 1-sighted at this.
    I am Jewish myself, because of my mother, still I do not practice Judaism.
    Very often people complain about the Islamic believe when it comes to conversion, even though it happens as often with the believe of Christianity.
    In fact, if I would count the “Christian cults”(like Mormonism) as Christianity, it happens far more often at Christianity than at the Islamic believe.
    Apart of that, there are no valid reasons, as they are not related to religion..


  • Nationality…
    I am very awful at this one, as while I do not want to do so, I actually do.
    As this one I actually show myself, discrimination based on nationality…
    At me this is only focused at Russians.
    Even though I should be more precise and say it are only those who support the Kremlin/Putin, I have a tendency to not do that myself…
    However, this in fact is the number 1 form of discrimination!
    As even while most people will not recognize it of themselves, almost every single person around the whole world will express this 1, one way or another.
    You actually could take television series and movies as example, at almost every country you will see other nationalities when it comes to “the bad people”.
    Just recently I saw a British spin-off movie, follow-up of a series, that fully resolved about 4 groups of people. Pakistanis, Americans, Russians and obviously the British themselves. All 4 were in fact bad people eventually, but while the Pakistanis were multiple people of bad according to this movie, the Brits, Russians and Americans all had basically only 1 person.(even though it was different at the series)


And with that I can already stop the listing instantly.
As even while there are hundreds of more reasons of discrimination,
just the first 3 show 1 of the ways how I discriminate.
The valid thing to say is that all of us discriminate, if we do not do it at one subject, we always will do it at another.

However, the difference is realization and what you do with it.
My example would be that I am honest about the fact I discriminate Russians.
While I do try to stop doing so and even apologize, that does not make it different.
However, more than that I can not do, as I do have my reasons to be unkind to a group of Russians, my only mistake is generalizing it.
That is what makes it discrimination, instead of… hate, as much as I dislike saying it.
Yet, at the same time I actually also “positively” discriminate a group of Russians.
As when it comes to Russian children(no problems), Youth(Some problems) and Russian parents(Close to no problems), I am most often actually very kind and respectful…

We all discriminate, whether it is positive discrimination or negative discrimination.
The important parts are if you notice yourself doing so and what you do afterwards.
The choice of it being classified “good”, “bad” or “neutral” comes from your own acts.
The eventual importance is you.
As we see with the wars around the world, not being honest about yourself could cause massive destruction.
Is that what we want our thoughts to let happen…?