Europe, one of the most misunderstood areas when it comes to views internationally, caused by a lack of realisation of one fact…
When we look at some statements of people around the world when looking at the region of Europe, it instantly shows which realisation is lacking, which is that Europe is a region, not a country.
It is kind of sad that a region of exactly 50 (recognised) countries (52 if you include the partial European Russia and Kazakhstan) is seen as one, as when we are honest, Europe is all but one.

When we travel through Western European countries like Germany, The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, France, Austria and Switzerland, which are often seen as similar, there is actually no denying that you will actually notice differences when you cross the borders from one to another, yet, they often go unnoticed.
The differences between France and Germany are often clear to people, but when we for example cross the borders from The Netherlands to Belgium, or Germany to Austria, which are seen as the most similar to each other, there is a difference in culture, landscaping and architecture, but also some harder to notice, like religion, marketing, politics, agriculture, aquaculture, traditions, and a long list afterwards, yet, to the majority of people these differences are unseen.
The differences become only clear when you would live here, or would stay a longer time here, but are harder, though not truly unable, to be noticed when just visiting these locations.
Exactly the same can be seen at areas like Far-Eastern Europe, where Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Turkey are all but similar to each other, Eastern Europe, where between Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and Poland there are similarities, but the differences overshadow the similarities, and we could do this continually throughout Europe…
With a few exceptions though, of which Moldova is the most notable of, a country that is a bit bigger than the Western European Belgium, but unlike Belgium together with The Netherlands and France, if it would be absorbed by Ukraine and Romania, no one would be the wiser, with Moldova being one of the most unknown countries of Europe, leaving only countries like Kosovo, Andorra, Vatican City, and Liechtenstein in front of it, being the poorest country of all of Europe for already years, and the most important fact known at the international community being that the Romanian language, often called Moldovan, is the most used language… They are one of the very few countries that has not truly build their own image, rather is a mix of the countries close to it…

The important fact to understand about Europe, is that it is not the same as the European Union, which is more comparable to the system of the United Nations and the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, and is not really comparable to the systems of the United States of America, the Russian Federation and the United Kingdom.
The way to understand it most easily, Europe is a region, like Northern America, Southern America, Asia, Africa, Oceania and the Middle East, while the European Union is a sort of alliance of countries within Europe itself.
Eventually the European Union will change in countries every now and then, while the chances of Europe changing is smaller, as it only changes when countries invade each other, merge, or declare their independence, apart of those ways, there are not that many other possibilities of it ever changing.

Which also equals to an importance of writing this all.
Even if the European Union will someday collapse, this does not equal that Europe will fall, as now already any European country could act differently then what the European Union wants, as like NATO, the European Union only is an alliance, but is not the voice of every country.
For now the European Union is truly just one thing, which is unity…