United Nations – It should be gone at the future


You will either like the United Nations, you will hate it, be neutral, or you think nothing about them.
I personally would be placed at the neutral ones.
However, whatever your opinion may be, there is 1 thing certain: “The United Nations should not exist”
Many people only know a part of what the United Nations does, let alone the whole history.
Yet, in fact it takes true dedication to understand why the United Nations still exists.
The clear part is that it should not even exist, which is why I see major problems.

Flag of the United Nations

In the most easy way of saying, the United Nations does the things which governments does not do themselves.
It sounds really easy, which it is, as it is all based on Diplomacy.
You could easily see this by looking at the 2 main goals.
Which are “Peace all across the world” and “development of friendly relations”.

I would however have wanted this to be something governments themselves would take as importance.
And it gets me confused…
They exist already since right after the second world war, yet, no-one has taken any act to move to a future without the United Nations.
This while it should happen, and rather as fast as possible even.


The main importance to all our futures is peace.
Peace however will not be possible in a true form if we still need the United Nations.
As they are basically only there as we do not know how to live together peacefully.
And that is the worst thing that can happen around the world…
Telling ourselves that we want peace, while in many ways standing against it.

If I would be able to change the world.
I obviously would stop all wars.
However, I would work towards disbanding the United Nations.
As the United Nations should never have been about being there forever.
Instead, it would be more understandable if it was there as temporary solution.

Not the first act

Just think about it for a moment.
If the thought about the United Nations was something to stay forever;
Why would their goals only resolve around diplomacy?
They are only international organisations that has major power.
It could basically have replaced every government worldwide if the thought had been to stay forever.
Yet, that did not happen, and it should not happen, as it is there as “last act”.

Their act should not be the first, as some like to see it.
They should always act last, when there is no other choice anymore.
UNICEF and other charitive parts have been created within the United Nations network.
However, there are always charities and foundations that should be first to act.

And yet, that is to most the biggest problem, the fact they almost never act first.
It should never have happened, yet the United Nations has become the most important worldwide power.
They have risen above the normal status of organisation, and instead have become something like a god.
However, unlike any god, their mistakes are always seen as evil.

It is that which shows to me that governments have failed worldwide.
As while with the current system of democracy we have more to say, we have still not enough ability to make decisions within our countries.
I would see that as reason for governments to listen closer to their citizens, yet, governements do not care, and this they show only more and more.

Governments, not United Nations

Just look at the situations at the countries within the Middle East and Africa, it is there where you can see the effects most.
Civil wars, where civilians are forced to leave their countries, as that is the only way for them to be safe.
This is not right, and at that moment governments should respond.
They do, which is what makes me scared, as they respond by turning against a part of their own country.
It is very worrisome, and the world shouts out about it, and there is where we come back to it again…

The people seem to always shout out for the United Nations to act.
Problem with this is exactly what I said before, that they should not do so.
We ourselves should act, we should stand up in support.
Our support should be at our own governments, as they should be the ones to act at that moment.
Whether you may live all the way at Canada or the United States of America, or very close like Turkey.
It are our governments that should act, not the United Nations.

And exactly this shows why we do not have any peace and safety around the world, as our mentality is wrong.
We always turn to the highest power, and when it comes to the United Nations, that is bad.
There is not a movement towards peace, we are instead moving away from it.


We should act, and fast, as the world is moving to destruction.
Instead of calling out for the United Nations to act, look to some understandable solutions.
If your country is active at these countries, shout out to make them work towards peace and safety.
If your country is not active at these countries, shout out to let them be active, as sometimes there is a need to get peace by force.
And if your country just does not act, or act in a way you are against, start protesting.
When I look around, I see close to no anti-war protests, which is what Africa and the Middle East, as examples, need first.
There is indeed also a need for the terrorists to be stopped, but at most of these locations the opposite of normal needs to happen.
First peace, then safety.


If you truly cared for the world however, you would not be reading this blog post at all.
Go outside and breathe some air.
This is one of the things that has created those evil politicians…
The fact they do not go outside and enjoy the world in all its glory.
A computer screen may be pretty, but nature, that is truly breathtaking.