“They took our jobs!”
For all South Park fans, that is a recognisable phrase.
Still… There is actually truth behind it, yet, caused by… ourselves…

When we would take the example of Western Europe, they often complain about “foreign Europeans” taking their jobs.
Which is true, yet, the only ones to blame regarding this is Western Europe, but more specifically, their Educational system.

Since 20 years ago, all our educational systems are checked by the standards of “PISA”(Programme for International Student Assessment).
To keep it simple, they check based on 3 subjects, which are “Reading”, “Science”, and “Mathematics”.
Even more simple, the test is useless, as at quite some jobs, you won’t need any of those 3.
Still, one of the most complained about country at the Western European countries, Poland, scores 3rd best of all European countries at these tests, leaving only Estonia and Finland in front of it.

However, it doesn’t end there.
There is a far more important problem at all Western countries, no exclusion, except if you correctly would include Mexico to it, which is hands-on experience.
As when we look at the Western countries, we could correctly state that their focuses are 2 things, which are reading about things and seeing schools as day-care centres.
Sadly, we now also see a continuous increase at the rest of the world, caused by Western countries forcing their ways at the world, think for example at Africa.

You could read everything, but, without the experience, you will never be able to do the job correctly.
Which is exactly what we see increasing at the Western countries, and it is not for no reason that the APA(American Psychiatric Association) made DSM-V their most useless, and most criticised, release in 65 years of publishing.
The basics about this release is simple, they made things more compact, pushed together, and by doing this removed many diagnoses, yet, caused the most problematic situations regarding mental health in at least 30 years.
ADHD is the best example, as we know ADHD for the “H”, which stands for Hyperactivity, however, since DSM-V ADD is also ADHD, while ADD had one important difference, which is easily seen, as the “H” is removed, which was exactly the point, those with ADD could be hyperactive, however, they didn’t have to be.
This reflects on most of the diagnoses specified by DSM-V, causing it to be correct to wonder what the use of this book has even become…

It is exactly there were many countries fail, including Western Europe, which is that they are basically pumped full of information they never need, causing children and youth to hate education, however also causing children and youth to have no time for themselves, equalling in a huge amount of dropouts, but also not taking things serious, reflecting later on at the jobs they do.
The Western countries were for so long ruling the world, because they understood things, giving children the ability to play and enjoy, youth the freedom to explore who they are, and elderly to stop their jobs before destroying their own lives, equalling in at the past less money needed to fix the problems Elderly experience by the jobs they did as adults…
However, the Western countries started to only focus on money, causing education to become schooling, learning less because of wanting to learn more, and jobs becoming lives…

Eventually, if the West will keep seeing money as the first importance in life, we will soon see them overrun by other parts of the world, equalling the current “Second World” becoming the “First World”, The “Third World” becoming the “Second World”, and the “First World” becoming the “Third World”, and if we actually look at things are going at this moment, it is extremely likely this will happen…
The problem at the “First World” is not “foreigners” but just their own broken ways, their own broken system, equalling in a broken society.