We can change a life

We can change a life

Institutionalised children, orphanages, children’s homes…
It remains a subject with a lot of stigma.

However, at Russia, one foundation once started a change, the Change One Life foundation.
Unlike the many other charities and foundations supporting institutionalised children, they don’t just speak, but make true change.
Yet, this foundation has not stayed only at Russia, and a localised charity with the same name exists nowadays at Ukraine, with the exact same goals and methods.

Their approach is by raising true awareness for all institutionalised children at both Russia and Ukraine, more specifically by truly introducing institutionalised children, by usage of video profiles. However, not just this way, shown by the “Twin Soul Project”, which while the campaign has been seized, still remains an active project.
This project uses facial recognition to match you with an institutionalised child who looks alike, just like most parents will have similarities with their children, there is an actual psychological need for children to have some similarities with their parents, even if they’re not related by blood.

To learn more about this project:

Campaign video(English subtitles):

Case video English:

Case video Russian: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6b5MgCwuPRk

Website of project(Still active 02/2017): http://odnolico.changeonelife.ru/
(Note: There’s no Ukrainian equivalent)

My hope remains that those organisations that fight institutionalisation learn of this, as some children could be returned to their parents, but there are children who truly need adoption, and they can’t go on without adoption, and the funding needed to get adopted in the first place.
I have had the luck of getting adopted, and I will fight for every institutionalised child to have this same luck, until the moment I will be truly unable to continue, many years from now, when I am old.

Want to support institutionalised children at Ukraine or Russia?
At Ukraine I advice supporting either Change One Life Ukraine or Happy Child Foundation
At Russia I advice supporting either Change One Life Russia, ‘Our Children’ foundation or Foundation Here And Now(click here for English project)

Special mention: To support institutionalised children at Ukraine, you could also support the Swedish Barnens Ambassad(Children’s Embassy) who support not only institutionalised children, but also refugee children from Eastern Ukraine, young mothers, and families. Their work is commendable and fully based on volunteering. They’re not named above as they’re technically Swedish, not Ukrainian. I do however personally trust them. To learn more about them, you could visit their English website at: http://childrensembassy.com

Extra info: Most charities at other countries that support the same goals, like the American “Maya’s Hope“, will redirect funds to local charities and foundations. While their causes are the same, and it tends to make things “tax-deductible”, it also tends to decrease the amount of money that will actually flow through the local charities, because of actually taxes…

We need no talk, we need action, action that will change lives, change lives for the better, not just temporarily, but for the rest of all of our lives.
Together we can change a life, today, tomorrow, and forever.