Many discussions are about so-called truths nowadays, even though in reality, truth is not as important as many suppose.
Truth-seekers like Wikileaks for example are great when it comes to bringing out the reality, but at the same time, their truth is not right, as they even publicise private information of innocents.
The truth is only a part of what is right.

This is one of the reasons why I am against Trump for example, as I’m someone who would support a politician who wants change, as I am against conservatism, still, I do not support Trump as it would not be the right thing to do.
I have safety at Russia, my father fought for Russia and the Soviet Union before, I am partial Russian, probably about half of who I am, yet, I do not support Russia, as eventually, it is not the right thing to do, as while the truth is that I actually am more Russian than Ukrainian in quite some ways, I was born at Ukraine, it is my nationality, and Russia is trying to take over Ukraine, it never cared for the safety for Ukrainians nor Crimeans, the current citizens of Crimea have a majority that want to be part of Russia, even though we don’t actually even know how many original Crimeans live at Crimea, neither how many Russians were added, the truth does not overpower doing the right thing. Which for me is standing against Russia, supporting Ukraine on most parts, and standing for Crimea to be independent of both Russia and Ukraine, with non-involvement of both countries, as eventually, that are the right things to do.

Truth is important, but truth is not the deciding factor, or it should not be, it is about doing the right thing, which is also actually the truth…