The fact I have been an Orphan, is an instant reason for some to call me bad.
Yet, why does it say anything more then me having been abandoned permanently by my biological parents?

Any parents should be aware their child never will be perfect, as while your child is, or at least should be, perfect to you, he or she never will be that to all of the world.
Of course I have my flaws, all children and youth have, but is it not a far bigger flaw when you will try to point this out to me?
I am very aware of quite some of my flaws, which include my vision to quite many things, yet the fact I dare to share my visions in the world of today, it is not that easy.

The way I am has been made by the fact I am aware.
I am aware that my flaws are as much my strengths, as my strengths are my flaws.
The simple example that I am an emotional person with the capability to store everything I hear and see, shows that.
Just think of what it does.
Literally every piece of information I will remember, it means that when someone acts like I do not, I get offended, as almost always it ends up being the other way around.
Yet when I am in a discussion about a touchy subject, I will have a burden of knowing things, as it can affect my opinion of others, as sometimes it is not a good thing when you know another is a liar…

What we are doing is looking for some kind of perfection, while effectively becoming some kind of robots.
Just look at the fact gender roles exist, as the problem is not that we stick to them, but the full extend caused by existence.
By them we are not allowed to do things that are seen as being of the other gender.
Meaning we have to follow a set of rules how you should be, like robots have…

We are moving into a more disrespectful state at the world because many are unaware.
Humans are often seen as highest form, that while we are just another creature of this world.
Our international problems are caused by us not accepting the difference that should be there.
The fact people should understand is that there is no switch on us that makes us normal,
Robots have that, and we are not that, which is why normal does not exist, and perfection is a perception of mind.

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