Dear Trump supporters,

The one who you wanted to be President of the USA has become exactly that, congratulations.
However, it is time for you to have some clarity about your own acts, so please bear with me at this one.

You know those statements you make about Liberals? I love them, especially because you, the Trump supporters, are the ones who are liberals, so I am glad you are able to have so much fun about yourselves.
As let’s be clear, a liberal is the opposite of a conservationist, a liberal wants change, exactly what Trump has campaigned about throughout the American elections.
Unlike your apparent believes, a liberal can be at both the left and right side of the political spectrum.

We all also know you want to not ban migrants, but specifically illegals, that is something that has been said many times.
I do have my respect at that, it is however also a confusing one.
As when we look at the history of the USA, most of the ones alive descent from migrants themselves, illegal ones most of all.
Just look at how the Native American was pushed away for the so-called “American” of today.
So, you are going to ban yourself as well, right?

Still, let’s not quit while we are ongoing.
Know your political ties, conserving them is important, right?
I just need to give one example to show how amazingly that is going(!)
We all have seen Trump meeting Netanyahu, and dang, that went truly amazing(!)
I wonder if Netanyahu is still laughing, or has finally been able to shake away his laughter.
Your ally is not taking your President serious, and we could say the same for Japan, your other ally, but obviously they’re wrong, of course…
The importance at international relations is the ability to be taken serious, and that is exactly what Trump stands against at this moment, which shows your future prospects with this President.

Trump supporters, I do not mind who you support, but you do need to keep your eyes open.
Eventually, Trump is actually what you are all speaking out against all this time, even though you all act like he is what you want.
Impeaching him might actually come to be in your own interests just as well, as you could get someone better with the new elections, elections that could even happen this year already…

Hopefully I have been clear about this.