Why I choose positivity

Why I choose positivity

Life is hard, people always say that, and they are actually right.
Indeed, life is hard, however, it is your own choice if you will let it be positive or negative.

When it comes to me, I try to spin everything to something positive, even though in reality, it is a good question how positive it actually is.
Like the loss of my Greek half-sister, it may have been positive in regards to me noticing that life is short, and you should not wait to do things. The negative parts would actually overshadow the good, as in reality I let the one who caused her death get away, as while some see a drunk driver killing someone as an accident, it actually is not, and I could have held the driver accountable for it, as I were the one who had the final sayings of my half-sister, granted because of quite difficult circumstances, yet, I did not, I let the driver get away with it, which has eventually been good, as the driver was a doctor, however, the fact would remain, that the negativity behind it all is far bigger, especially for myself.

It is something that most people do not understand when I try to stay positive all the time, why I do so, as I do have so many negative things happen to me.
And that is just it, I already have had so many bad things happen to me, that I now want things to be positive, and will do anything to make it positive.
Eventually, I could get stuck in the negative spiral that life often pushes us towards, or I could do what I do now, and choose the positive way regardless.

There is also were we see a big problem actually for the problems our world experiences, almost everyone stays stuck in the bad events that happen.
And yes, this does count for both big and small happenings at our lives, whether it is bumping our knee against a tree by accident, or something as big as war, the choice of negativity will always lead into a spiral, and the one you will hurt is also actually you.
As in reality, when you choose to, for example, be part of a conflict, whether you are a soldier, rebel, mercenary, or any other possible fighter of a conflict, yet even for example medics and such, you cause hurt to others, and unless you truly care about no one else then yourself, that is a thought you will have to live with forever, the thought that you hurt others, possibly even killed others, as even when you were not the one who did the hurt yourself, you were part of it…

Eventually, negativity is truly the most dangerous part of our world, the true enemy.
As just think about it, what is the actual causer of wars and conflicts?
Of course, it is negativity in some sort, as the war at Syria was started about people being against the one ruling the country, Assad, which is a form of negativity, or think about how the situation at Donbas(Ukraine) started, which was because of the separatists who, well.. like the word already says, wanted to separate.
Yes, there are more parts that play into it eventually, like the fact Assad is the dictator of Syria, and the Russian egotism when it comes to Ukraine, but that does not truly matter, it all is explainable in a simple way, and all revolves around negativity.

Think about it for a moment.
If Assad would have been positive, he would just have stepped down, like he should have, and the war had not started, or the other way around, if the ones opposing Assad would not have the negativity overrun them,and instead would have convinced enough people to support them before doing anything, they would have been able to actually just force Assad away, instead we are now stuck with an ongoing war for many years already, and probably actually many more years now countries are becoming aggressive…
Or in case of Ukraine, if the ones who would have wanted things to be different, searched solutions for what they wanted, as it is not truly just about feeling Russian, not truly only about separatism, and neither only about being non-supportive to the EU, there was never a need for the ongoing war, a war that, unlike the one at Syria, has no possible ending, as international agreements counter the possibility of anything except Crimea to ever become anything else then what it is now, which is quite obviously Ukraine, even when the thought is different. Some people might be scared of Russia invading Ukraine, but let us all be serious for a moment, that would make Russia exactly the way as North Korea at this moment is, excluded from the whole world without any hope of this becoming better. That choice will not be made by Russia, especially not in these times, times were people are fighting the corruption that is called the Russian government…
And no, there is no need for me to look at the other side, as unlike at Syria, there is actually only 1 identifiable problem at Ukraine, as at Syria we could count all sides aggressors, while at Ukraine the Ukrainian government is defensive, defensive of the grounds of Ukraine…

Probably that which I show above is why I am able to stay positive, which is the fact I think things through, dare to look at all possible sides, and only then make my judgement about a situation. As when you do this, you will notice that in most situations all sides are just wrong, and there are only very few situations were the problem is truly identifiable as one side, like I just did at when it comes to the Ukrainian conflict.
As I could give examples about everything I would want, like the Israel-Palestine war/conflict being able to be pointed at the fact that the wrongs have shifted a lot of times, and both sides being able to be regarded as the ones starting the situation, or the Armenian-Azerbaijan conflict being over a piece of ground that could have been split up if they truly wanted, but both sides basically showing greed…
That is actually also why peacemakers have such a hard job, the fact that there are too often no rights, just wrongs, and no one daring to see this.

All in all, when it comes to positive and negative thoughts, which go into extremely big situations like wars, I think about something that probably everyone has learned when they were young:
Where there are 2 fighting, there are 2 wrongs.
It’s as simple as that, and it is childish way of thinking, which actually doesn’t say much about that this is the way that I am able to keep positive, but much rather about the fact that a lesson that is most often seen as a child’s lesson, is the lesson behind most international problems…