Do the Twitter rules comply with suspending my Twitter account?

Do the Twitter rules comply with suspending my Twitter account?

Okay, I was banned by Twitter over breaking their Twitter rules, and of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t look into which one I could have broken.
So, to not make this any longer than necessary, let’s see what the conclusion is!

“Trademark” – Easy skip, as I would have broken the rules multiple times according to Twitter, so this couldn’t be it.
“Copyright” – Another easy skip, there could have been only 1 time, and would be only 1 time, that I shared possible copyrighted content, which was my pinned tweet with a quote of Doctor Who, however, I had people of the BBC following me, and the BBC Trending account, so they could have contacted me directly if this was a problem, apart of this, this would only count to possibly me breaking the rules once, which Twitter never contacted me about, making this not being able to be a valid reason.
“Graphic content” – Nope. Not going to even take time to explain this, as this one should be obvious.
“Unlawful use” – I always comply to the law, so not applicable.
“Misuse of Twitter badges” – Not applicable, I couldn’t even care for the verified mark, as I have said before here at my blog.
“Violent threats” – This would have been against my own values of life, and never done, so nope.
“Harassment” – I only possibly harassed 2 people during my time at Twitter, one was a previous Twitter Russia employee, which I pointed out about that he send out nationalistic content, which made me instantly get blocked, and another time was back in 2014 against a pro-Russian troll, so I do not see how this could apply at this moment.
“Hateful conduct” – I am very hateful, that is why I am even now keeping to Twitter rules… Yes, that is sarcasm. I dislike hate in general, so this couldn’t be it either.
“Multiple account abuse” – Some might say possibly, but the explanation of “Creating multiple accounts with overlapping uses or in order to evade the temporary or permanent suspension of a separate account is not allowed.” stand against it. Simply put, yes, I do have multiple account, yet, I didn’t create them for overlapping uses, neither to avoid a suspension, which is what is said to be forbidden, it doesn’t actually say that usage of multiple accounts this was is disallowed… That is what we call being precise, and at law, so also terms of service, very important to be accurate at, which Twitter made a mistake at, which make this one also being able to be said about, no, this is not applicable as possible reason.
Private information” – No, just no, I never did, and never will, share anyone’s personal/private information online.
Impersonation” – I impersonate myself! – which is obviously an joke, keeping things light, but okay, not applicable.
Self-harm” – I always have stood against any form of self-harm, even supported several anti-suicide accounts, so not applicable.
“Username squatting” – I had troubles coming up with my current username, let alone I would “reserve” usernames. Not applicable.
Invitation spam” – What is Twitter’s address book even? – Anyhow, no.
Selling usernames” – See Username squatting. This is not applicable.
Malware/Phishing” – I generally only shared URLs to YouTube, Facebook, and my blog here, so not applicable.
Spam” – Okay, this is were we should find the reason, as this is the last possible reason that is left. Let’s start that we can skip all automation parts, as I used automation in 1 way, which is the way Twitter actually promotes themselves, which is connecting Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ usage to Twitter. However, I actually didn’t use YouTube anymore because I thought it was too spammy, the same reason that after a comment by a Dutch follower I disconnected about a year ago. Also everything to replying/mentions can be skipped, as I actually got DMed quite some times that I used replies/mentions too little, so if anyone really thought I used them too much, or in another way that could be seen as spam, that would be quite.. miraculous. 
Okay,let’s continue on.
First is that if people are blocking you too often.. I don’t know how this can be a Twitter rule, as how should you even actually know that someone is blocking you, except by checking their profiles? Twitter lacks a clear way of noticing if someone is blocking you, so this could actually be countered by law, making this Twitter rule actually possibly breaking law…
Anyhow, if that was the case, Twitter should have send a warning or something, which they didn’t, so I skip that one for now.
Second is the same explanation is above basically, as it is about too many reports, and exactly for the same reason, Twitter never ever letting me know anything, not applicable.
“if you post duplicate content over multiple accounts or multiple duplicate updates on one account;” – This one is possible when it comes to the duplicate updates, and yet, this one is countered by law, as this is being able to be defended against by stating this is clear discrimination, caused by the fact Twitter should have banned 99% of the Twitter accounts when it comes to duplicate updates.. So we should suppose that it is about being in a certain time-frame, which makes it not applicable. The first part excludes retweets according to Twitter’s own system explanation, making that one also not applicable.
I can also skip the unrelated content by hashtag to trending, popular, and promoted trends, this one should speak for itself if you read my Twitter.
Unrelated users to lists I can also skip, as this one can be defended by this being an personal opinion if it is, or is not, related to a list, apart of that, I generally listed based on trust, not subjects.
False and misleading content I also quickly skip, it isn’t worth attention to even explain at all.

Now some important ones are left…

“if you are randomly or aggressively following, liking, or Retweeting Tweets;” – Not applicable.
“if you are creating misleading accounts or account interactions;” – Officially, yes on the second part. However,that would be my first offence, and doesn’t yet explain the multiple offences I should have made. Apart of this, that one could actually be countered, but I am not feeling like doing so, you will understand by reading on.
“if you are selling or purchasing account interactions (such as selling or purchasing followers, Retweets, likes, etc.); and” – I wish I did, at least then I would have some use of what I did at Twitter. But no, I never bought nor sold anything in relation to Twitter.
“if you are using or promoting third-party services or apps that claim to get you more followers (such as follower trains, sites promising “more followers fast”, or any other site that offers to automatically add followers to your account).” – That’s a clear no.

That were all the Twitter rules.
The verdict, I could have broken 1 Twitter rule, and as there has been no warning, that would count as 1 time.
Now, Twitter does state “Accounts under investigation may be removed from search for quality. Twitter reserves the right to immediately terminate your account without further notice in the event that, in its judgment, you violate these Rules or the Terms of Service.”, so the fact that I am suspended is not important to me, but the fact that I have been banned without any chance of improving is, and more importantly, without any warning, as they say they may immediately terminate without further notice, which means they don’t have to contact me about the fact I got banned, which they did not, but as their own Twitter rules before actually said, they should have warned me beforehand if I was breaking the Twitter rules.

Do with this what you want, but I just needed to have this written down.