About Me

Because of a continuous need of rewriting, I decided to make it just a list view.
Regardless, I would be someone who prefers to get to know others by conversation, not by these kind of pages either way.

Who I am

Name: Vadim Dovganyuk
Place of birth: Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Place of residence: Dnipro, Ukraine
Languages: See: snowcalmth.com/languages
Occupation: Student, Volunteer(Caregiver) and Part-time Translator
Mental Health statuses/diagnoses: Autism, PTSD, Chronic Insomnia, Depression
Political view: Syncretism
Religion: Karaite Judaism
Relationship Status: In a relationship(Girlfriend)
Ethnicity: Blended – Based on combination of just regional and national, I am Russian-Polish-Crimean-Ukrainian.
Biological family: I was born to a Russian father, Polish mother, they’re both no longer alive. I have a (full-)sister living at Uzbekistan, Nieces/Nephews at Uzbekistan, Grandparents at Canada. – Rest of family I do not regard as direct-family.
Adoptive family: Adoptive parents of Russian and Ukrainian nationality. 9 adoptive siblings (as of May 2017) of multiple European nationalities.

How I am

Favorite pastimes: Reading books, listening music, translating music, video games, sports, exploration, traveling, enjoying nature.
Interests: International relations, Diplomacy, Languages, Sociology, Social work, Science, Psychology, Technology
Dislikes: Discrimination(Incl. Racism), Trump, Putin, Separatism, Nationalism
Opinion about other religions(non-Judaism): A belief is a belief, I have no right to say it is good or bad if someone believes another belief. I know no religion preaches hate. I am friends with people of most religions, I do not see how it should matter in regular interaction.
Preferred music genres: New age, Ambient, Classical, Pop rock, Gothic rock, Gothic Metal, Krautrock, Pagan Folk, Celtic Folk, Traditional Folk, Opera, Hip-Hop, R&B, J-pop, Aggrotech
Preferred music language(s): Albanian, Arabic, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
Favorite TV series (ongoing): NCIS: LA, NCIS, Doctor Who, Scorpion, Suits, Designated Survivor, Orphan Black, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Dark Matter, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Killjoys
Favorite TV series (ended): Community, Grimm, Spooks, Lie To Me, Battlestar Gallactica(Original and Remake), Holby Blue, Torchwood, Continuum, Sanctuary
Favorite movies: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Spy, The Little Prince, LUV
Vegetarian/Vegan: I am a vegan, however, not by choice. I am intolerant/allergic for many animal products, not just in the way of eating and drinking.

My supports

Dedicated charity support: Благотворительный фонд “Дети планеты Земля”
Activism and advocacy: I am very strictly against all forms of violence, abuse, and hatred.
I am very supportive to causes in support of children, those who are homeless, veterans, equity, the environment, migration, mental health issues, health issues, education, anti-hunger, social inclusion, and anti-hatred. I am pro-Roma and pro-Refugees.
Top 5 most loved country: Germany, Mongolia, Greece, Turkey, United Kingdom
Top 5 Favorite Artists: Dima Bilan, David Clavijo, Alexandre Desplat, KSHMR, Offer Nissim
Favorite Book (Series): the “Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children” series
Opinion about USA and Russia: I am very clear about being against both current presidents of these countries(Trump and Putin), this is because of them both being unfit to lead their countries, in my opinion.
Equality: I’m supportive to a combination of equality and equity, meaning that everyone should be recognized for their abilities, regardless of anything, and awarded equally for it on the performance delivered, even if there are differences like gender and such.

Social media accounts

Twitter: twitter.com/snowcalmth
Facebook: facebook.com/snowcalmth
Instagram: instagram.com/snowcalmth
YouTube: youtube.com/snowcalmth
Google+: plus.google.com/108160805711828492439
VK(ontakte): vk.com/snowcalmth
Foursquare: foursquare.com/user/337902309

Other info

The choice of nickname: While it is now “snowcalmth”, it actually used to be “whitecalmth”, which I started using before my social media activity, and I just used to play video-games. I decided to change because of some people saying it could be seen as a bit discriminatory. It actually reflected on my favorite color being the color white, and me being the one who often goes unnoticed, and easily being able to communicate, because of me being very calm, also able to been seen as silent, quiet, and a lot of other words. The same applies for the change to “snow” as first part, I do love snow, though I just love the winter regardless, I am someone who prefers cold over warmth, unless it comes to personality, but that should be obvious, I suppose.