Who I am

Name: Vadim Dovganyuk
Occupation: Student & Caregiver
Date of birth: 7th of April 2001
Place of birth: Zaporizhia, Ukraine
Place of residence: Dnipro, Ukraine(~9 months a year) / Krasnogorsk, Russia(~3 months a year)
Nationality: Ukrainian
Religion: Karaite Judaism
Ethnicity: Jewish, Crimean Karaite, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian
Legal Status: Emancipated
Relationship status: Taken
Children: Father to an amazing son.
Languages: See: snowcalmth.com/languages
Biological family: I was born to a Russian father, Polish mother, they’re both no longer alive. I have a (full-)sister living at Uzbekistan, Nieces/Nephews at Uzbekistan, Grandparents at Canada. A lot of half family, especially in Poland, but I do not actively maintain contact with them.
Adoptive family: Adoptive parents of Russian and Ukrainian nationality. 9 adoptive siblings (as of May 2017) of multiple European nationalities.
Mental Health statuses/diagnoses: Autism, PTSD, Chronic Insomnia, Depression
Favorite color: I like the colors white and aqua.
Favorite pastimes: Reading books, listening music, translating music, video games, sports, exploration, traveling, enjoying nature.
Interests: International relations, Diplomacy, Languages, Sociology, Social work, Science, Psychology, Technology
Dislikes: Discrimination(Incl. Racism), Separatism, Nationalism
Vegetarian/Vegan: I am a vegan, however, not by choice. I am intolerant/allergic to many animal products, not just in the way of eating and drinking. Whether I would have been the same if it would have been different, I would honestly not know. I do care strongly for the rights of animals, as well as about the protection of planet Earth.


Political view: Syncretism
Political party: I’m not of the syncretic view without reason, and I, therefore, don’t have a specific support to any political party in any country whatsoever. I believe the whole political system around the world is broken, because it is all about political colours, instead of what we factually need, the right person for each position, regardless of the political opinion. It’s a job to be a politician, so it should go to the one who is best at it, not because he or she belongs to a group of like-minded people.
My opinion about war: War is the creation of weak-minded politicians who are unable to resolve things with words, and therefore are also not fit for their position as a politician. Any good politician can create a better country, and a better world, for us all.
My opinion about the Russian-Ukrainian war: I stand with Ukraine regarding this, even though I don’t support the current Ukrainian government. But this is an issue of Russia invading Ukraine, more than it truly is about separatism, and I never will support any country invading another. Also, Ukraine is my birth country, and for me not to support the Ukrainian sovereignty, well, that would in all regards be weird.
My opinion about the USA and Russia: I am very clear about being against both current presidents of these countries(Trump and Putin). This is because of them both being unfit to lead their countries, in my opinion. I do not have any problems with either normal Americans, nor Russians, just their governments.
My opinion about Navalny (Russian politician): I stand firmly against Navalny. I believe that if Navalny would ever become president of Russia, he would bring actual doom, and not just to Russia. I don’t believe he is trustworthy and neither expect that he will keep to the promises he has made, including the ones about Ukraine, and more specifically the region of Crimea. Maybe I am wrong, but I highly doubt it.
My opinion about the European Union: I believe the European Union brings fortitude to Europe, is a good way to unite Europe as a whole, and will validly even be needed in the future. However, that doesn’t take away that I believe that the EU involves itself too much in local politics, is too discriminatory, and doesn’t unite Europe at all right now. It’s the main reason why I dedicate my support to the Council of Europe instead, as the EU needs to be more about Europe, and less about the individual countries, eventually that is why we have governments for each of our countries, and most often also local governments for parts of our countries… Also, for the EU to ever succeed, we need countries that are regarded as “enemies” within Europe to be included, and not pushed away…
My opinion about Poland: I’m supportive to Poland, including to the Polish claims on several parts of Western Ukraine, as it factually should be Poland again, in my personal opinion. Unlike the situation at Eastern Ukraine, these claims are facts, and not just twisted opinions that have come to be by forms of indoctrination.
My opinion about the Israel and Palestine conflict: I do not wish to voice myself on this, I would like to ask to respect my decision to keep silent regarding this. I am not willing to fight either side regarding this, as both sides are to blame for this unneeded conflict.

Film, TV, Books & Music

Top 5 Favorite Artists: Poets of the Fall, David Clavijo, Alexandre Desplat, KSHMR, Offer Nissim
Favorite Book (Series): the “Miss Peregrine’s Peculiar Children” series
Preferred music genres: New age, Psytrance, Ambient, Classical, Pop rock, Gothic rock, Gothic Metal, Krautrock, Pagan Folk, Celtic Folk, Traditional Folk, Opera, Hip-Hop, R&B, J-pop, C-pop, Indo pop, Aggrotech
Preferred music language(s): Albanian, Arabic, Chinese, English, German, Greek, Hebrew, Mongolian, Romanian, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian
Favorite TV series (ongoing): NCIS: LA, NCIS, Doctor Who, Scorpion, Suits, Designated Survivor, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Killjoys
Favorite TV series (ended): Community, Grimm, Spooks, Lie To Me, Battlestar Galactica(Original and Remake), Holby Blue, Torchwood, Continuum, Orphan Black, Sanctuary
Favorite movies: Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, Spy, The Little Prince, LUV

Anime & Manga

Favorite Manga Series: Pandora Hearts
Favorite Anime Series: Hunter x Hunter (1999)
Favorite Anime Movie: .hack⁄⁄G.U. Trilogy
Preferred genres & categories: Supernatural, Proxy Battles, Angels, Demons, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Virtual Reality, Gaming, Cyberpunk, Mystery, Magic, Psychological


PC or Console: PC, without any doubt. I do have to admit that some exclusives on the Sony consoles are nice.
Favorite genres: Shooter, RPG, & MMO.
Preferred language: English, it’s eventually the true gaming language. I have macros for both text and speech to ask those who use certain languages, like Russian, to use the English language instead.
PC specs: AMD Phenom II X6 1075T, 8 GB DDR3 1600MHz RAM, MSI GeForce GTX 1050 GAMING X 2G. Not the greatest of these times, but it works for all the games I play, and it was free for me, so hey, I can’t complain.(Supplied to me by dear sponsors from Leipzig, Germany <3)
Peripherals: Roccat Skeltr, Roccat Sova, Roccat Leadr, Roccat Kave XTD Digital, & SpeedLink Torid

My supports

Dedicated charitable supports: Благотворительный фонд “Дети планеты Земля”, UNICEF Uzbekistan, UNICEF Moldova, Ark of Hope for Children, Advita (Russia / USA), Orphans In Need & ChildFund Alliance organizations.
Dedicated organization supports: Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons, Council of Europe, No Kid Hungry, First Focus, & GEMA
Activism and advocacy: I am very strictly against all forms of violence, abuse, and hatred.
I am very supportive to causes in support of children, those who are homeless, veterans, equity, the environment, migration, mental health issues, health issues, education, anti-hunger, social inclusion, and anti-hatred. I am pro-Roma and pro-Refugees.
Opinion about other religions(non-Judaism): A belief is a belief, and I have no right to say it is good or bad if someone believes another belief. I know no religion preaches hate. I am friends with people of most faiths; I do not see how it should matter in regular interaction.
Top 5 most loved country: Austria, Mongolia, India, Ireland, Poland
Equality: I’m supportive to a combination of equality and equity, meaning that everyone should be recognized for their abilities, regardless of anything, and awarded equally for it on the performance delivered, even if there are differences like gender and such.

Other info

The choice of nickname: While it is now “snowcalmth”, it actually used to be “whitecalmth”, which I started using before my social media activity, and I just used to play video-games. I decided to change because of some people saying it could be seen as a bit discriminatory.
The connection to snow: I love the cold weather, and I am the happiest during the autumn and winter. As well do I love seeing everything around me covered by the bliss of snow. Snow means happiness to me, but as for the true reason behind it, I do not know, it is just how it is.