About Me

While I am really not into introducing myself, but rather into others getting to know me by interacting, here is who I am in a nutshell:

My name is Vadim, I live at the Russian city of Khimki, and I am Ukrainian by nationality.
I generally state I am living at Moscow because of it saving time, generally people do know Moscow, but don’t know Khimki, and as they’re so close together, and I am generally far more at Moscow regardless, it seemed easier to share it this way.
(Note: As of June 2017 I am within the borders of Ukraine again, at Dnipro. I will rewrite this soon.)
Like said, I am Ukrainian, as I was born at the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, 16 years ago already.
Right after I was born, I was abandoned by my biological parents, henceforth that I have lived at children’s homes, am currently living with an adoptive family, and my first importance at causes is supporting those who live at children’s homes and orphanages around the world.
Before being adopted by my current adoptive family, I have lived at the Eastern part of Ukraine, and I have lost both family and friends by the wrongdoings that happens there, these happenings have also made me stand firm behind my Ukrainian nationality.
However, I am Polish-Russian by ethnicity, not Ukrainian, as I was born to a Polish mother and a Russian father, however, when I would look at my grandparents, both sides of my family trace to Crimea.

Logic and facts are the 2 most important life values to me, after kindness, humility, and honesty, and in most senses I am a believer of positivism, with the exception that I am actually religious, as I am Jewish.
Me basing most parts of life on facts also reflect on my learning of languages, as this is one of my daily activities, and one of my strengths in life.
I do, however, no longer keep track of how many languages I actually know by now, I just keep on learning, so if you want to know all languages I know, use the “Languages” button at the top of this page.

My life experiences have made me anti-governmental, and if it was up to me, I would have every government replaced with a form that would be closer to pure democracy.
This is, however, based on the fact that I connect military activities to political activities, and I have learned that even soldiers don’t understand the horrors of what they do “in the name of their countries”, let alone politicians who are sitting somewhere safe and basically happy…
To me, this all connects to the nonsense regarding terrorists, as politicians are not fighting terrorism, as terrorism, notice the “terror” at the start of it, is the usage of terror/fear to achieve goals, which politicians are only making worse, as we all fear terrorists, meaning terrorists are successful at their goal..
Another part to me is the nonsense of borders, as they are man-made, and they are about only 1 thing, money, as the wars that are fought at other countries, also cause money to come in at the elite, the elite that also start the wars, as politicians are part of the elite…
That’s my way of seeing this all.

Anyhow, on a more personal level, I am quite a normal boy, I like video-games, sports, animals, reading, watching TV, and listening music.
I also go to school, like most of my age, were I have a focus on the studies of sociology and politology, which are the overall subjects of my blog and social media profiles.
On weekdays I also volunteer to help out young children who are in similar situations as I have been in.

Generally it is my hope to be kind and respectful to everyone, even though I am not always this way, I am only human, so, not perfect.
In relation to this I stand firmly against discrimination of all sorts; we were all born a different way, so I just don’t see any reason to discriminate others.
To me, specifically discrimination based on gender, gender identity, sexuality, race, ethnicity, health(physical and mental), religion, age, looks, and situation of life, are that I just can not accept.
This way of thinking also, actually, reflects on my taste of music, as I have noticed that I mostly listen to songs that could be counted as calm, like new age, though I do listen to almost all sorts of music.

That is all I could think of to share to get a better understanding of how I am.
If there is anything more that you would like to know, I am open about who I am, so just ask anything you would like to know directly, you can find ways to contact me at the top of this page.
For now I want to thank you for reading, and may you have a wonderful time ahead.