About Me

I really dislike these pages, as I like getting to know people by interaction, and dislike telling about myself.
Anyhow, so, what could I say…

When I am honest, I could explain myself in a few words, which would be: I’m an avid activist in support of children’s rights.
That being said, let me be clearer than just that.
I was born at the beautiful Zaporizhia in Ukraine to a Russian father and a Polish mother, who left me on my own, I’m a foundling.
This leads to me having lived in children’s homes until 2015, when I was found by my “forever family”, my current adoptive family.
Moving back a bit, since I was young I have above average amount of emotional empathy, something some may regard as uncommon combined with the fact that I’m autistic.
This was realized quite fast in the second children’s home I used to live at, and my development has been focused on stimulating this quite a lot.
Making it not surprising that moving forward again, I currently focus on studying sociology (with a focus towards social work) and am active both online as offline in terms of helping others.
In regards to online, this primarily is focused on my Twitter account at which I try to support non-profit organizations as well as individuals who are active in support of several children’s rights related subjects.
While offline this is primarily done by volunteering as well as a dedicated job as advisor about adoption-related subjects. (as of late 2017)
However, while I may have a focus on supporting others a lot, I am obviously not busy with doing so 24/7.
In my free time, I prefer to sport, watch TV series and movies, play video games, read books, as well as just spending time with friends; you know, the normal kind of things most other teens would do as well.
It is actually part of the reason why I don’t like these kind of pages, as I am just a regular person, and these kind of blog pages seem so unnecessary to me…

Anyhow, as can be noticed by reading here on my blog, I have an interest in politics.
This interest stems from the ongoing Russo-Ukrainian conflict, a situation that is quite personal to me as previous citizen of Donetsk.
When it comes to the situation, it surprised me how nonsensical it all is.
People are literally dying over the fact that we have a need for borders and separate countries…
No ability to be united because egotism reigns.
Something that flows throughout the political systems around our whole world, the way I see it, and keeping us back from a better world.
Let’s keep it at that it confuses me how people can be so short-sighted that they are willing to kill people to get what they want.

Well, what’s more to say beyond this?
As said before, if you truly like to get to know me better, just take the time to reach out; think about writing a comment to any of my posts, sending a message through social media, or using the contact page.
As this is all I know which you might be interested in knowing about me.