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Vooraf Sinds 2015 ben ik huiverig om de Nederlandse taal te gebruiken online, dit vanwege een zeer onprettige ervaring met een Nederlandse pro-Russische Twitter gebruiker, ook al waren de problemen grotendeels mijn eigen schuld, dat geef ik toe. Ach ja, ervaringen geven je de mogelijkheid om te leren, en het is daarom ook inmiddels tijd dat ik over mijn eigen angsten rondom de Nederlandse taal heen stap. Toepasselijk is het daarom dan ook om het moment te pakken door de vertaling van een Russische lied te delen, dat precies daarom

A small refresher of English words, as apparently many have forgotten what the words exactly mean: Nationality – Being a national of a country, which is based on the country you were born at. Your nationality will never change throughout your life. Citizenship – Being a citizen of a country. Citizenship is mostly gotten based on country of birth, though some countries only award citizenship by a certain age, but can also be gotten in other ways, which include by naturalisation and by marriage, There are also more uncommon ways,

If you have not yet heard, the French elections have been target of hacking, in support of Le Pen. Similar problem as with the American elections, and once again, arrows are aimed at Russia… The disturbing part is that it actually seems not connected to Russia, and like with the American elections, another country comes up in my mind, Romania… The Romanian anti-EU & far-right parties “National Force” and “United Romania Party”, which were said to merge earlier this year(no clue if it happened), are both connected to both Trump

Okay, I was banned by Twitter over breaking their Twitter rules, and of course, I wouldn’t be me if I wouldn’t look into which one I could have broken. So, to not make this any longer than necessary, let’s see what the conclusion is! “Trademark” – Easy skip, as I would have broken the rules multiple times according to Twitter, so this couldn’t be it. “Copyright” – Another easy skip, there could have been only 1 time, and would be only 1 time, that I shared possible copyrighted content, which

Foreword Lyrics were previously not available anywhere online, while this is a great and meaningful song, hence this share. Song Lyrics Наполни сердце радостью, Всевышний И дай поверить мне, что я не лишний Я жить хочу без скорби и уныния Моей надежде дай, Всевышний, крылья Ещё в мечтах живу я и летаю И веру я в надежду не теряю Мне ночью снова ангелы приснились Они в слезах со мной тебе молились Я буду жить как должно и пристало Я видел в жизни дней счастливых мало И, может быть, любовь ко

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