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I have my stances that go against my half-sister’s, easiest being my Pro-Turkish stance, yet, at the discussion of Armenia and Azerbaijan, I side with Armenia, it is in fact the only right stance to make by now… In most situations I would have said to take the neutral stance, but when most of the world sides with Azerbaijan, I can hardly do so. It is the exact reason why the Ukraine-Russia, Yemen-Saudi and the Syrian conflicts have become the way they are today, masses of countries choosing a side…

By now most people around the world will know what it is, the internet. To some it is a blessing, to some it is the worst thing in life. Over time, the internet has in fact done a lot of good, but the question should be asked, did the good overturn the bad? The sad answer is that in fact the bad has by now fully overtaken the good, and calling the internet a good thing is worrisome, and says a lot about your personality. The internet is bad, bullies

This post was previously published at, this has been automatically been published here as it was written by me. As Ukrainian I have to say I am dissapointed, The Netherlands have voiced themselves as Pro-Russian and Anti-Ukrainian and backstabbed all Ukrainians. As European Union supporter this was all but bad! While the campaigns were on-going at our neighbors The Netherlands, I noticed a clear thing they missed, the fact voting a No became a Yes to the EU in massive ways, this was in fact the stupidest thing to

I am a freak, and I am really proud of the fact I am! It is often used as a word to bully, and if it really is a word used by bullies, I am the one who will be laughing last. The word freak means nothing else than being different, and I am surely different.. I never have been afraid of saying the words ‘I am different’, it is because I grew up all my life being different. I am male, I am however anything someone would expect.. I hate being

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