Backstory (In progress writing)

Some people judge people for their story, and even though I am not one of them, here is my own backstory.

Well, in my case, the story of my life starts 16 years ago, the 7th of April 2001, at the city of Zaporizhia at Ukraine.(Some people may prefer alternative writing ways)
I was born there to a mother of the Polish nationality, and a father of the Russian, and because I was born at Ukraine, I obviously am of the Ukrainian nationality, something I have come to learn to be happy about, but you will learn that while reading on.
There is an importance to understand that I actually have only found out about who my biological parents were later on.

My early years I don’t remember much of, I know that I ended up eventually at the city of Donetsk, but the way how, well, that are words on paper, and not what I have in my mind, so I will skip this.
However, there are parts that I could tell, one of the most important parts is that I have lived at children’s homes as long as I can remember, and I was rather one of the outsiders through my life.
In regards to that, I am not someone who likes to follow the ways others set out for me, but rather follow the ways I prefer, hence me having knowledge of both the Koran and the Christian Bible, or rather the Orthodox Bible as some will probably want to correct me, while there is mostly a push to towards Orthodoxy(Christianity) at the children’s homes I lived at. Eventually I ended up being a Karaite Jew, but that is not of any importance to my backstory.
Actually, it is also why my Autism remained unknown, undiagnosed, for a very long time, as I have always had a push towards being different, most “symptoms” of my Autism were regarded as just that, trying to be different.

Through the years that attempt has pushed me through many circumstances, but also had a positive influence regardless, as while boys have a very low chance of being adopted, I have been adopted quite some times, yet, many times unsuccessfully.
This I don’t regard as bad though, I regard this as a blessing, as it pushed me to notice differences, like the differences in flavors when you just cross one border, or the beauty of art being expressed so differently wherever you go at this world.
It’s why I am so very supportive to traveling and migration, as you can learn so much by just crossing the borders we have made!

Yet, it hasn’t always been positive.
From already when I was young I noticed the cruelties that happen, simply because there are cruel people wherever you go, including like they were at the children’s homes I have lived at.
It’s a part of my life I prefer to forget, but sadly, it is impossible.
There is however a lot of misunderstanding surrounding that, as some people only will notice the good of children’s homes when they have visited one.
As simple as I could say, it +is because people don’t see everything, and as I don’t want to go too much into this, there are several organisations that have published the unseen parts of children’s homes, and I would advice you to check those if you want to truly understand.
Regardless though, I have learned that keeping at the negative is not great, and even at your own backstory it’s better to focus on the positive.

And let’s continue with just that for a moment, how did I come to be so positive about life?
That’s actually related to my activities online these days, so, let me combine this with the fact why I actually am supportive to most of the United Nations sub-organisations, like UNICEF and such.
The part of life you need to understand is that when you go through bad times, the only thing that could get you through is a positive look forward.
Without positivity, so hope, you won’t make it, that’s a reality a lot of people forget, and the reason why I am not supportive to the Syrian girl “Bana Alabed”, while I am to “Malala Yousafzai”, as Malala speaks in support of hope, while Bana has opposed it, simple as that, I do not believe the reality of the words spoken by Bana.
When you get out of a dreaded situation, like I have been with my own past, which you will still need to read on for to understand, positivity will be almost always your vision, unless you have a mental condition, as disrespectful as this may sound.
It’s that which also made me able to support the acts of several parts and locations of the United Nations, as they either spoke out hope themselves, or they instilled it within me, both by words they spoke out in public, but also as they have done in private, 1-on-1.

Now, let’s continue to what you probably are reading for in the first place, which saddens me if I am actually right about it, the negativity.