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People always say to others that they should tell their backstory when something bad has happened to them. The same goes for me, yet, I decided to not do so. It’s rather simple why I don’t, as what does it even matter? Ask yourself, would you treat me differently if I would say that I stabbed a man when I was 7 years old? I guess that is a “Yes”, right? Now, with that in mind, ask yourself, would you change that opinion if you knew I stabbed because he

I have had a lot of comments over the previous years, regarding my blog posts here, but also at my social media posts. This has been the number one reason for me to close the comments here at my blog, as, in all honesty, I got tired of repeating myself, time and time again. One of the clearest comments that has come back many times, is how I could stand against institutionalization, while at the same time supporting orphanages. The answer comes down to one important matter, terminology. As I

The developed world, the dreams of some, the pride of others, however, in some cases, the vision of disgust. This includes myself, I do not see the so-called developed world as some future of the undeveloped world, rather something that should be avoided… Let me explain why this is my own opinion. First part of this is explainable by just one word, egotism. There are many examples of egotism, but the obvious ones are politicians, specifically those who stand against immigration. When it comes to this, many are keeping the

I am Ukrainian, as I correctly use my nationality, and not my residentship, which would be to Russia, and neither citizenship, which would include Russia, Poland and actually some more countries, which currently many other people use to reflect who they are… In my case, yes, it is sometimes hard to state this, and this has nothing to with Ukraine, and everything to do with Russia, but also supporters of Russia all around the world. The simple fact is, yes, there are neo-nazis at Ukraine, just like there are at

I have lived at many countries… In fact, more than most will visit in their whole life. It is this that causes me to sometimes be seen as a “wise boy”, which are not my words, But in all honesty, I am not, I just took the time to listen. Over the time I have moved, and moved, and moved, and therefore I learned, and not just about facts, but also about people. It is the main reason why I am shocked by the happenings at the USA ever since

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