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For about a year already, I’m actively fighting anti-institutionalization campaigns who incorrectly use the word “orphanage” instead of “children’s home”. I’m happy that more and more campaigns, charities, and foundations are opening their eyes, and are attempting to use it correctly. This includes the Lumos Foundation, which I have criticized harshly through time, primarily as their spokesperson and founder Joanne Rowling has shown a massive amount of ignorance through time. Hence I would like to thank Lumos specifically for attempting to use it more correctly, with the added comment that

Recently I have read a huge number of adults saying that it is ridiculous that children and youth are not being respectful to elected officials… Somehow, I think those who say it is ridiculous, are ridiculous themselves, as we are talking about ELECTED officials… For those who are not aware, those who are elected were previously also just another random person to us all, yes, even the one who got ridiculously elected at one of the biggest countries of the world, Donald J. Trump, who always talks about a bunch

I have had a lot of comments over the previous years, regarding my blog posts here, but also at my social media posts. This has been the number one reason for me to close the comments here at my blog, as, in all honesty, I got tired of repeating myself, time and time again. One of the clearest comments that has come back many times, is how I could stand against institutionalization, while at the same time supporting orphanages. The answer comes down to one important matter, terminology. As I

Institutionalised children, orphanages, children’s homes… It remains a subject with a lot of stigma. However, at Russia, one foundation once started a change, the Change One Life foundation. Unlike the many other charities and foundations supporting institutionalised children, they don’t just speak, but make true change. Yet, this foundation has not stayed only at Russia, and a localised charity with the same name exists nowadays at Ukraine, with the exact same goals and methods. Their approach is by raising true awareness for all institutionalised children at both Russia and Ukraine,

“They took our jobs!” For all South Park fans, that is a recognisable phrase. Still… There is actually truth behind it, yet, caused by… ourselves… When we would take the example of Western Europe, they often complain about “foreign Europeans” taking their jobs. Which is true, yet, the only ones to blame regarding this is Western Europe, but more specifically, their Educational system. Since 20 years ago, all our educational systems are checked by the standards of “PISA”(Programme for International Student Assessment). To keep it simple, they check based on

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