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For about a year already, I’m actively fighting anti-institutionalization campaigns who incorrectly use the word “orphanage” instead of “children’s home”. I’m happy that more and more campaigns, charities, and foundations are opening their eyes, and are attempting to use it correctly. This includes the Lumos Foundation, which I have criticized harshly through time, primarily as their spokesperson and founder Joanne Rowling has shown a massive amount of ignorance through time. Hence I would like to thank Lumos specifically for attempting to use it more correctly, with the added comment that

Do I support Putin? – Nope. Do I support Poroshenko? – Nope. Do I support Trump? – Nope. Do I support T. May? – Nope. Do I support Trudeau? – Nope. Do I support Netanyahu? – Nope. Do I support Rouhani? – Nope. Do I support Xi Jinping? – Nope. Do I support Merkel? – Nope. You know something, we could go on until we had every country’s leader, and it wouldn’t matter, the answer would stay “No” to all of them, as I support no government, not any of

Recently I have read a huge number of adults saying that it is ridiculous that children and youth are not being respectful to elected officials… Somehow, I think those who say it is ridiculous, are ridiculous themselves, as we are talking about ELECTED officials… For those who are not aware, those who are elected were previously also just another random person to us all, yes, even the one who got ridiculously elected at one of the biggest countries of the world, Donald J. Trump, who always talks about a bunch

Politics, politics, politics… Are you not getting bored by them? Please, don’t get me wrong, politics are important in life, but the fact that close to 100% of the world has no clue annoys me… Politics, the job of running an area, like a country, or at least, that is what politics should have been about. Instead, we have created many useless words, like liberals, conservatives, anarchists, and a huge long list after… But really, why do we need all those words? I just don’t get when it has happened

I don’t care if you support Trump… I don’t care if you stand against Trump… I only care if you are truly aware what you’re fighting for, And when I truly honest about it, I will have to state that most don’t. I take the example of Trump before as most around the whole world will have an opinion about him, and while some may say that is not right, it is caused by his own being. Now let’s take an actual closer look into what people are fighting about

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