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Ever did a personality test? If you did, it is likely you got a result based on the “big five” principle, meaning you got something like ENFP-T, INTP-A, or ESFJ-T, to name just 3 of the multiple personality types that are most often used. In theory, the idea is great, however, in actual effectiveness, the big 5 personality principle is as broken as it could be, and calling it actual psychology may even be stated as a lie. I had my personality tested on several separate moment, and the results

Positivity, it should be shared, right? It is quite disturbing to see how many people are actually not agreeing with this. The reason behind this is not truly known to me, so if it’s justified I would not know, but to be honest, it does not truly matter either way. While this is an obvious weird response to something, it is just the same at many other subjects, including talking about mental health. I personally am not shy to talk about the subject of mental health, eventually, I have a

There are many problems around the world, yet, most of them are unnoticed, as how could they even happen at your own country? Important fact to note, is that almost every situation except for war and conflict, can happen at every country around the world, but in fact, also do happen everywhere. While trying to get people to notice, my blog and my Twitter account will be about sharing 1 message this month, January of 2017, which is that a broken system equals a broken society. However, it will specifically focus

Remember the Syrian girl “Bana Alabed”? Her Twitter account has been removed. So, what changed? Well, according to whoever managed the account, the Syrian Army has deleted the account, which is actually very unlikely.. But maybe, it all rather has to do with that facts didn’t support the account. Sources within Syria have already been pointing out that the account could not be real because of the lack of proper internet at Aleppo, meaning that it is a true struggle to get anything published, and therefore it being quite impressive

What is the most common form of discrimination? Probably you will start thinking about mental health, skin colors, nationalities or gender preferences… It might come as a shock, but none of them is right. When I would use the words pediaphobia, ephebiphobia and the resulting adultism you would probably be confused, as these are words you might not recognize, but all related to the most common form of discrimination, which is ageism. In easy way of explaining, pediaphobia is fear of infants and children, ephebiphobia fear of youth/young persons, and adultism

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