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TASS report mentioned can be found at: & If you like your Russian news, it is unlikely to not have noticed the broadcast saying that over 80% of Russian youth support Putin’s policies… The percentage is, however, kind of funny, as it is “over 80%” according to the news article, which sounds very high, which it actually is, and that is not without any reason… The report started out at TASS, which is, like RT and Sputnik, a Russian-government owned news-agency, so propaganda ain’t that surprising. Still, TASS

As much as I am outspoken, I do like the truth. So, a 2 country subject now, Russia and the USA, or maybe, even more…? Let’s get straight to the point, is there a connection between Russia and Trump, my answer is an immediate “No”. For those who are still not aware, the hacking that has happened until now trace back to Romania, every single time even. Romanians are actually regarded as the best hackers of the world, with them having the hacker capital of Râmnicu Vâlcea. If you need

If you have not yet heard, the French elections have been target of hacking, in support of Le Pen. Similar problem as with the American elections, and once again, arrows are aimed at Russia… The disturbing part is that it actually seems not connected to Russia, and like with the American elections, another country comes up in my mind, Romania… The Romanian anti-EU & far-right parties “National Force” and “United Romania Party”, which were said to merge earlier this year(no clue if it happened), are both connected to both Trump

(Copy and paste of a previously shared Facebook post by me. Because this was intended for my friends, there may be some parts that have not been explained well enough. My apologies for this.) There is a lie spreading by propagandists that the “Ukrainian” does not exist. I could say a lot about it, but I don’t need to do so. This lie is spreading because of the conflict/war that is ongoing at Eastern Ukraine, between Ukraine and Russia. That is also actually were we would see the mistake of

Many discussions are about so-called truths nowadays, even though in reality, truth is not as important as many suppose. Truth-seekers like Wikileaks for example are great when it comes to bringing out the reality, but at the same time, their truth is not right, as they even publicise private information of innocents. The truth is only a part of what is right. This is one of the reasons why I am against Trump for example, as I’m someone who would support a politician who wants change, as I am against

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