Hello and thank you for taking a moment to visit my personal blog.
My name is Vadim, I am Ukrainian, by birth that is, nowadays I however live at the equally as beautiful Germany.
The name I now have, is not the name I was born with.

Positivity is me, or I am positivity, it does not matter.
I like to always be positive, smile and joke around, even when I am not well.
Even though I am about positivity, there are moments of seriousness, which I often show here.

This is what my blog is, positive and seriousness into 1, the things I think, written down.
It can sometimes be confusing, frustrating or dissapointing to you, but I do hope you will take the time to visit more often!

Most information can be found at the pages shown at top of this website.
If you want to contact me personally, please use the social media buttons at the bottom of this website.
I hope you enjoy my blog and once again thank you for visiting!

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