I like to be social, and therefore I am active at most of the current well-known social media platforms.
Do note however that I will take long to reply sometimes, this is because my adoptive siblings help me maintain my accounts.
But when you connect to me anywhere, it is important to know how I am.
That is why I will sum up here the important parts of my personality which may clash with your ideas, this way you can understand how I feel about certain things.
If you do not agree, that is totally okay, we are not the same person, so we obviously can not agree on everything, I still however hope we can have a friendly chat if we ever talk, as I am not into fights, unfriendliness, trolling and things like that.

  • I use “Gender” in the way it was thought to be when the word was thought up, which is the biological way, not the mental way. I do however affirm with the idea sexless is also a state, which is why you will see me use the terms “he” and “she” but also “it”. The word “Gender role” actually confirms that this is the way it was thought to be. Gender identity to me is the way it is thought to be also, the way someone sees himself, herself or itself. I do however not agree to call the forms of how you see yourself “gender”.
  • I have no problems with anyone who is Homosexual(Gay/Lesbian) Bisexual or Asexual. If you are male and gay or bi, please understand that you can express you attractions, but I do not have similar feelings.
  • I do not support the usage of the term “Queer”, to me this term is offensive.
  • I generally stand against the usage of the terms “disabilities” AND “Special Needs”. Disabilities is to me discrimination, as most are not actually disabled, that is in the mental way, but in fact also the physical way. You clearly see this at the Paralympics as best example. While Special needs is to most adults seen as a correct term, it still does not apply the way I see it, as the needs are not always really special, it is just different to “normal people” think things need to be, that does not however mean that their needs are in fact normal, also the amount of  people with problems and differences in health are said to be higher than those without, meaning the “normal people” are in fact the “special people” and the ones with “special needs”. So I just use the words that are correct, like someone has Autism, Down Syndrome, Tourette’s, etcetera.
  • I stand against the usage of the term “Autism” for all forms of what is now described as Autism. I stand in fact for new names for all syndromes and moving away of the current way of diagnosing, as there is too much generalisation by the way it is done now, which creates not only discrimination, but also problems in the actual execution of care of those with problems and differences in health. DSM-V has in my opinion created troubles by making it all one diagnosis, instead of solving anything.
  • I stand for calling everyone different of each other. While we are obviously all human, that is in 99% of the cases everything, as identical twins by birth or truly an identical person somewhere else are the ways to be quite similar, still, even there in 99% of the cases there are still differences, as identical twins tend to still think differently, and locations, and therefore culture and such, also change you as person.
  • I stand for respect, however, I do see respect not the same as not speaking up for your own opinion. Everyone has an opinion, and you should be able to voice it, though, there’s however an obvious limit.

Below has been added at the 30th of August 2016.


  • I tend to forget that Oceania is a separate continent of Asia. It is not meant in any way offensive when I forget this, it is because it is just too unclear what actually is Oceania and what is Asia.. I do know Australia and New Zealand are Oceania, but apart of that, I am clueless. My humble apologies beforehand if I ever offend anyone by forgetting this, it is not my intention, I hope this will be understood.
  • I am not generally supportive to descendants of voluntary-diaspora calling themselves part of the countries of their descendants. Many at the past went to find a better life at other countries, to me it is offensive when their children or even children’s children still call themselves of any country, as they almost always actually never have been an national of the countries their parents or grandparents left. I do tend to make exceptions for those who migrated as babies or children, those who live in the tradition and/or cultural ways as the other stated nationality, and those who themselves have been a national of the countries or are busy with changing nationalities, but that is rather obvious.
  • English is the language of England, that is to me the origin. As they are now part of the United Kingdom, I tend to see that is the current day origin. I can get quite annoyed when Americans call it their language. I do not have the same problem when Canadians or Australians do this, as they are still closely connected to the British monarchy, however, I have actually not heard any of them state anything close to it either way, unlike I have heard of Americans. The “American language” does not exist at all…
  • I am against almost everything military, no matter which army or anything we are talking about. The only exception, hence the “almost everything”, are soldiers in normal situations, as they are just people. However, it is not that I will treat you with more respect if you are a soldier, general or anything else. My biological dad served the Soviet Army and afterwards the Russian Army, and while he was “highly ranked”(I do not want to comment more upon that), I have never given him any respect for that, and that is a true never, so it will not be different to anyone else.
  • When people push to any sort relationship, except friendship of course, at the internet, I can get sometimes a bit disrespectful. I currently already have a girlfriend, and apart of that would never start a relationship at the internet. We should all know by now what a “catfish” at the internet is, which should already say enough, apart of that I just believe in relationships made by connection, by belonging to each other, so if we really have a connection, then we probably meet one day or another, but as I believe in some things being fate, you can’t push something to become fate…
  • I love music and believe that music sometimes can speak for you when you are unable to say something, whether it is because you have not the right words available or are unable to speak by emotion. My music taste is therefore genre-less, as I switch of genre when I am in a different mood. I do however prefer music that I can understand or are wordless or in a language that does not exist at all. I neither have a preference if someone is male, female or gender-less when it comes to music, the beauty of a voice is there for both males as females, it does however not say I like all voices obviously.
    I am a fan of, not limited to, Dima Bilan, Can Bonomo, Sertab Erener, Vitas, Open Kids, Viktoria Modesta, Melanie Martinez, Zlata Ognevich, Marta Shpak, MMDance, Hollysiz, Globus, Era, Deep Forest, Nastasia Griffin, Faun, Staubkind, Alexandra Abrameytseva, Anfisa Semina and Alisa Troshenkova(No longer active).
  • I like cats, mice, dogs, bats, doves, pigeons, dolphins and almost every other animal you could name. I do not like spiders, mosquitoes, snakes and some other creatures though, but that is not a real disliking either. I can not stand any cruelty against any of them. I prefer calling them creatures instead of animals. When I think about the world “Animal” I always connect it to “Creature of the wild”, which basically does not mean the same as all creatures of the world. Therefore I use the word creature more often, however, officially they are synonyms, so they are officially the same either way.



Below has been added at the 1st of April 2017.


  • I’m Jewish, though, yes, I do mostly support non-profits with a connection to the Islamic and Christian religions. Life is always the first importance, no-one deserves to be disadvantaged in life, regardless of location, nationality, ethnicity, race, religion, beliefs, or any other possibly named “difference” to certain people.
  • I don’t support any form of hatred based on religion. I know the scriptures of the Christian Bible, the Hebrew Bible(Tanakh), and the Koran, and therefore know that none of the major 3 religions support hatred through their scriptures, that there is sometimes hatred connected to religions is because of interpretation, but none of the scriptures actually supports these interpretations. Call it human error, or something alike, just know that it is not the religion/belief/scriptures who are to blame.

This will be updated when more things will be noticed.