My translations

My translations

Be aware: All translations are done based on either the official lyrics, or the lyrics supplied by the author, due to this it may happen that a phrase may sometimes remain without translation, this is because of it not being at the official lyrics. Though, I do try to update this myself, but sometimes I may by accident skip something.


Tungjatjeta Shqiptari (Aferdita Demaku & Kreshnik and Pranvera Gojani)

Razmik Amyan – Yeraguyn (Եռագույն)

Славин Славчев – Тъмносиньо / Slavin Slavchev – Tamnosinyo

English to multi-language:
Valdi Sabev – Through The Eyes Of A Child

Алиса Трошенкова – Кошки

#ЖИТЬ for “Project Live”

Ани Лорак – Снится сон