One amazing cousin

I’m not that open about my family, which ain’t because I don’t care, but rather because there are not that many reasons to really tell about them.
Until now, as very recently one of my cousins got shortlisted for the 2024 Olympics, which doesn’t mean truly anything as of yet, but it is a proud moment for my whole family regardless.
And therefore, it is time for me to put a spotlight on her, and give her the shine that she deserves.

While within my family most have gone either the political way, became soldiers, or are active at the modelling scene, my cousin V. is the only girl who has made the choice of sports.
One of the hardest sports actually, wrestling.

Still, like with anything, this all didn’t went to perfection, and tears were there.

Yet, like a superhero, she never gave in, she never gave up, and as time went forward, so did she push forward, forward to success.

And like a superhero, she also was able to take her revenge, and her previous videos of losing, are no longer important.

Still, it doesn’t actually end there, or possibly rather, it doesn’t actually start there.
As like any girl who does any sport that is generally thought to be only for males, bullying happened.
Yet, cousin V. was proud about how she is, and not worried about showing that yes, she may seem like a tomboy to some…

Yet, like most girls, she always will be a pretty princess by heart.

My dear cousin V. may not be perfect, she may wrestle for the white, blue, red flag, instead of the blue, yellow flag (that a great part of our family supports),
Yet, regardless, I am proud of my cousin, who is as close as a sister to me, and will be supported by me whatever she will do.
She has made the amazing tumbles from being bullied and losing at wrestling, to being accepted for who she, and a champion with a spot at the national youth team of Russia.
With the 2024 Olympics now also in sights, the possibilities have become limitless.

To my dear cousin V., my love and respect, we may be the same in age, but you have achieved more than anyone of our age normally achieves.
Don’t let anything stop you, and we will see you in a few years at the Olympics, possibly bringing back yet another amazing medal.
You’re amazing, and enjoy knowing that now no-one within our family can ever say again that you’re not supported in what you do, as you’re most certainly are by me.
(And don’t forget our trip to the UK this June. 😉 )

(All photos have been copyrighted by DLA Piper in the name of my cousin, and may not be downloaded or reshared. Names have been removed for privacy reasons.)