One Tweet at a time

It’s often seen as a joke, the power of a singular Tweet.
However, over the about 3 years I am now active on Twitter, I have come to know the opposite is true.
Eventually, the power of Twitter is about that one message can spread anywhere.
And that people are aware of this fact is not that hard to explain.
After all, that is why Twitter is a primary resource for marketers.

Which is also among the problems of Twitter, the fact that most people use it to make money.
It’s a part of the reasoning why many people are against bots, as Twitter has come to know too much advertisement and other forms of spam.
As yes, I do count advertisement as spam, as it generally is all about money or making you a member of something.
The experience is like watching TV, you are watching TV to have fun, but it gets hard to have fun because of the commercials, the advertisements, the continuous need to make money.
And this does not only apply to Twitter, it happens all around the internet.
Even actually right here on my blog, as while it may be just 1 advertisement on a page, it is still one advertisement…

Sadly, the part of the importance of money online could only be countered 1 way, and that way is opposed by too many, even though it is less broken than the current capitalist ways, which is the way of the collectivist.
That being said, most people oppose it because of the negative past of Marxism and communism, even though the problems about that were mostly not economic, and the economic problems were due to the fact that it wasn’t true a collectivist way, but rather collectivist and capitalist ways mixed together…
As the economic problems had to do with what I explained before, the need to have more, the need to have some form of elite… Let’s be honest, that is also why governments exist… 😐

Anyhow, I am drifting away from why I am writing this to begin with.
Which is what I said the start, 1 Tweet has the power to do pretty much anything.
And I have seen this especially when it comes to my primary importance, for children without parental care to find their forever family.
The about 20 Tweets that I did in support of that goal, 6 has directly caused for children to find their forever family. (As confirmed by the adoptive parents contacting me to thank me. 🙂 )
Yet, it has 2 major downsides, the first being that I primarily support Russian children without parental care, a controversial thing as I am Ukrainian first and my country is at war with Russia.
The second downside being that the Tweets are in the Russian language, eventually for Russian children you will need Russian parents, that is in my opinion though, as I am very opposed to international adoption.
It always caused mixed feelings within me and being shy to let my support being ongoing instead of once in a while.
Yes, I am shy of keeping my support up, as it is not like I am the most strong person or anything alike, negativity, trolling and bullying can get me down like anyone…

That all being said, which is why I am writing this, it is time for me to break through what is expected of me and just be myself.
Henceforth that from now on, every day except Saturdays and Sundays, 1 Russian Tweet will be shared in support of Russian children without parental care to find families.
On top of that, I will also be increasing my support to Ukrainian children without parental care to find families, which will primarily be done by retweets.
If you follow me and if that singular non-English message bothers you, than please unfollow me on Twitter.
As when I am completely honest, my first importance in life is to make the lives of as many people as possible great, and not to be liked by everyone.