Cullings, something most people only think about when thinking of anything else then humans, yet, it has happened to us many times. Yet while too many do not notice, we segregate, we cull, time and time again, as we have done throughout our history. These cullings have lead up to the mass culling and extermination of Jews during the second world war, bosniaks at the Srebrenica massacre and too many other examples. I always have segregated myself of others, made it pretty clear that I am different, and in the

Reviews, it is something that I will never write. An basic importance of a good review is not spoiling anything, and then I actually mean truly nothing. That is something I can not do, and as I am aware of it, I act upon it. Still we see more and more reviews that basically spoil everything they review, making it unneeded to experience it yourself. And even more so, the thousands of trailers of products cause it just as well. However, that I do not want to write reviews, does

It is something all of us have, emotions. Some easy examples are sadness, happiness, anger, love, hate and dissapointment. Though while we all have them, people are often very scared of showing them. I never have denied I am an emotional person, as I just know that I am. That is easily shown by the fact that I cry during emotional moments at movies and TV series, feel disgusted when I notice even the littlest forms of cruelty and am extremely happy by compliments. Yes, that is something that is

Beliefs, we all have them, we all express them, yet most of us, do not accept others to have them. Things we believe in are always personal, even though many will call religion non-personal, as to many a group believes in the same beliefs… It is still no different then believing an alien abducted you at night and returned you in the morning… They are beliefs that you have, and they do in most circumstances not equal those of others. Religion is always the easiest example when it comes to

Ignorance, the lack of knowledge, learning, information and other examples, or more easily, the lack of understanding. It has been ongoing worldwide, with the best known examples being the slavery of people with a black skin and injustice to those of the feminine gender. Another point of ignorance is that word just now, “gender”, people tend to say it is actually NOT related to the word “sex”, however, with thanks to replies of an Oxford Dictionaries representative, Cambridge University English teachers and website of  Wiktionary, Wikipedia’s free dictionary, I can

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