Child Labor, without any doubt one of the biggest problems when it comes to the protection of children’s rights, caused by the most problematic problem to children, poverty. At most countries this is banned, yet, this happens at almost every country, including the developed countries… The main reason behind the huge numbers in which we see child labor is actually we have a need for it, caused by our broken economical system. To take the economical system in an easy way, we need to work, get paid for it, and

Don’t you think it is annoying that some people just seem to think that they know everything about you? Chances are very likely you respond yes to this question, which is also one of the problems it happens so very often… We are unaware of our own acts, but will judge others for theirs, while we probably don’t know anything about their acts, at all! As what you actually just did is judge those who judge… For some time now I live at Moscow, go to school at BISM, and

I am not an open person, never have been, probably also never really will be. It is how I have yet to experience anything really bothersome in terms of cyber safety, as the best way to keeping yourself safe online, is by not opening up too much. If you would read the about page here at my blog, you would get some information… Still, with all the information of this blog, the chances of correctly connecting it to me, without already knowing me in real life, is highly unlikely. The

I was just reading my timeline at Twitter, when I noticed this through one of my friend’s tweets. At first I was baffled, but then I noticed the date being 2013, but also thought of something far more important… If you survey children about cyber safety and would ask them certain facts, would you really think they would be honest to adults? When it comes to the safety of children at the internet, parents should realise that no one is safe. Myself as 15 year old have seen everything you

Foreword There is a huge love of me to music, and I quite often share my likes at my social media accounts, which once in a while means I get asked what certain lyrics mean. Sometimes however, I just want there to be a translation available myself, which is the case with this song. That is because this song means a lot to me personally. Song Original lyrics Жили да были в маленьком городе, в мире с мечтой пополам. Как оленята добрые, гордые – дети без пап и без мам.

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