I tend to stand against a lot of so-called children accounts at Twitter, and that is not without a reason. Something we see increasingly becoming “popular” are children accounts that are based in some “bad location” and tell a sob story. It most certainly will sound cruel of me that I call it a sob story, but eventually it actually is. Something people should start to realise is that most of these accounts are run by adults, and they are just marketing schemes… Like a certain Syrian child account that is

Life around us, it  was created hundreds of years ago… Yes, hundreds of years ago, only a few things were made thousands of years ago… It is kind of silly, we all think our lives started very very long ago, yet, it hasn’t. The reason why, is that life tends to change every century. But what do I mean with that life around us was created only hundreds of years ago? To understand you will first of all need to know your history, which you could learn fast enough if you know where

Спустя неделю мою страницу наконец-то разморозили. Очевидно, что заморозка была несправедливой, по причине того, что я вступил в группу приятеля, которая была обвинена в рассылке спама, хотя спустя 1 час после удаления и была восстановлена. Мне пришлось оправдываться перед службой поддержки Вконтакте, по пути получая угрозы быть забаненным навсегда… Стало совершенно ясно, что все это было по причине моей украинской национальности, так как они принуждали меня изъясняться только на русском и перестали только когда я пригрозил подать на них в суд. Неделя заморозки только из-за дискриминации со стороны службы поддержки

Foreword: Lyrics were requested through Twitter. @SnowCalmth Hi🙋i like BetterLife but i can't find the lyrics&don't understand some words in english only by hearing it,could U help me 📝plz? — Alma Marina (@shalom_alma) 19 October 2016 First and only one having any lyrics published for this song, official lyrics haven’t (yet) been released. For more about Kids of the Apocalypse, visit their website: http://thedeathworldwide.com/kota/(No longer online) Video Lyrics: We can make a better life. Armageddon, Purple heart and two prosthetics, Buy a ticket up to heaven, Can’t afford to process

If you read my blog, you probably noticed something, my choice of expressing certain things, including the usage of mental health differences, instead of illness or problem. It is because of my own difference, autism, which does not mean anything more than that my way of thinking is different then those who are regular human-beings. If I would look to myself, I am currently diagnosed with the standard/main form of Autism, Classical Autism, yet with the more recognized feature when it comes to Asperger’s syndrome, a high IQ.(MENSA tested: Top

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