This morning I woke up to a suspended Twitter account, and like I have had with my VK account, it annoys me, I will not deny it. In terms of how I feel, I am actually more supportive to the Russian VK platform, as they at least give some info, Twitter on the other hand gives out nothing… When I would look at it, I could be suspended for many reasons, but as they don’t tell, it is only speculation. However, like with VK, I am sure Twitter will come

Life is hard, people always say that, and they are actually right. Indeed, life is hard, however, it is your own choice if you will let it be positive or negative. When it comes to me, I try to spin everything to something positive, even though in reality, it is a good question how positive it actually is. Like the loss of my Greek half-sister, it may have been positive in regards to me noticing that life is short, and you should not wait to do things. The negative parts

Foreword One amazing artist to me, and happy that he befriended me at social media platform VK at my birthday yesterday. There’s nothing more I feel like saying, as if you read anything at my blog or social media profiles, this shouldn’t be a surprising share. This was a requested translation by a not further disclosed party. Russian lyrics had to be transcribed, as they’re not able to be found at the internet, and may have some mistakes. This song was/is in support of World Without Orphans (Ukraine & Russia)

Another birthday, another year at this world. Just wanted to say thank you to all who have supported me, in whatever way that may be; Like those who give me the inspiration to be happy, to go on, to smile, to enjoy myself, to be positive, But also those who have criticised, annoyed, harassed, attacked, bullied, or did anything else negative, As eventually both positivity and negativity have pushed me to were I am now, which is a long way away from were I was, and having the ability now

(Copy and paste of a previously shared Facebook post by me. Because this was intended for my friends, there may be some parts that have not been explained well enough. My apologies for this.) There is a lie spreading by propagandists that the “Ukrainian” does not exist. I could say a lot about it, but I don’t need to do so. This lie is spreading because of the conflict/war that is ongoing at Eastern Ukraine, between Ukraine and Russia. That is also actually were we would see the mistake of

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