The fact I have been an Orphan, is an instant reason for some to call me bad. Yet, why does it say anything more then me having been abandoned permanently by my biological parents? Any parents should be aware their child never will be perfect, as while your child is, or at least should be, perfect to you, he or she never will be that to all of the world. Of course I have my flaws, all children and youth have, but is it not a far bigger flaw when

Why do people always look weird when they notice I am able to cook? Cooking is one of the most important life skills, so learning it young, that should be an importance to everyone. Sadly however, it is not that important to most parents. Therefore many young persons do not know how to do any cooking at all! Myself, I am a Vegan, this restricts me. While I am a vegan, this is not because I care too much for creatures. The circle of life shows that eating other creatures is

The happenings at the United Kingdom have taken rather importance around here, so blog post has been delayed… As my English is checked by a family member, who now has no time, everything is slow… Including my social media messages. And it is not that strange in fact that it has taken such a big spin after the results. As the results showed a clear in favour for remaining by Youth, and a clear leave of the older generation. With results like this, which if I am not mistaken is

The United Kingdom has voted Leave. It is a sad day for the United Kingdom and Europe… Yes, this is not a real sad day for only the EU, but in fact it is something that is affecting all of Europe. With massive complaining out of Europe about Ukraine’s (All-Ukrainian Union) Svoboda and the fact they are nationalists, and in fact this being named as 1 of the main reasons to support Russia over Ukraine by a part of Europe’s citizens. You would have thought everything would have been done

Intro You will either like the United Nations, you will hate it, be neutral, or you think nothing about them. I personally would be placed at the neutral ones. However, whatever your opinion may be, there is 1 thing certain: “The United Nations should not exist” Many people only know a part of what the United Nations does, let alone the whole history. Yet, in fact it takes true dedication to understand why the United Nations still exists. The clear part is that it should not even exist, which is

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