Ever knew what you did by just thinking that you know? Probably your answer will be a “No”. And indeed, most do not know everything they should know. Like at 2 events that happened this past week to me at Twitter. I just recently have become active again at Twitter, having been mostly inactive during 2015, and only very few Tweets during the start of 2016. The thing that changed, was that I felt like being active again at Twitter after having seen how trolls attack others in 2015. And

When I look around only my own living location, it happens so often that people do not dare to ask others anything. I am not like that, if I really want to know anything, I will ask, even when it might not be liked by the other. How would you otherwise ever get an answer? Like just recently, I got to know of a Figure skating television program at Russia. «Дети на льду. Звезды» is the show, it is of «Ростелеком» and «Федерация фигурного катания на коньках России»(The Figure Skating

The campaigns by charities and foundations about orphans annoy me, almost every single time. While these campaign say to be about wanting families for orphans, they are often very specific, they are about sending Orphans who have living families back to their families… Those campaigns make me frustrated, as while there are most certainly families that could take care of their child and they should never have to be an orphan, there are exceptions. I am one of those exceptions, as while I grew up in an orphanage while still

I’m autistic… … If that just made you gasp or anything, you are one of the people that makes the problem in “mental health problem”. The list of locations I have lived at is longer then my age, even when you would express the list just by country… Yet, those 15+ locations made something very clear, “The more rules a country has, the more problems they have regarding mental health”… To take 2 easy examples that are easily comparable are Russia and Ukraine. At Ukraine I only had very few

Аліси Трошенкової – Кішки | Алиса Трошенкова – Кошки | Alisa Troshenkova – Cat(s) Talking about the past when introducing myself is not who I am. So who am I? My name Vadim and I was born 15 years ago at Zaporizhia, Ukraine. Over the previous 15 years, I have been going from orphanage to orphanage, adoptive family to adoptive family. I now live stable at Leipzig, Germany. I still go to school, like most of my age, I do not know what I want to be in the future.

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