Foreword This translation was previously shared through YouTube, which will be unavailable as of the 15th of June. It saddens me that I will be taking/have taken it offline after a fight regarding copyright with Yoola Media. The song is meaningful to me because of my own past. It has been one of the very few moments I had to ask help to make a complete correct translation possible. As with any translation that is published here at my blog and at my YouTube, it is my intention to bring

During the upcoming days Vadim will be unavailable due to family-related personal circumstances. He will be available again by the evening of the 3rd of June. While he is unavailable, he will not be able to interact with you, as he is fully disconnected from the internet until the end of his current circumstances. However, it is possible that there will be messages at his social media accounts, this is due to the applications such as Thunderclap, that are intended to share certain messages at social media. Please understand, these messages

I have had a lot of comments over the previous years, regarding my blog posts here, but also at my social media posts. This has been the number one reason for me to close the comments here at my blog, as, in all honesty, I got tired of repeating myself, time and time again. One of the clearest comments that has come back many times, is how I could stand against institutionalization, while at the same time supporting orphanages. The answer comes down to one important matter, terminology. As I

Vooraf Sinds 2015 ben ik huiverig om de Nederlandse taal te gebruiken online, dit vanwege een zeer onprettige ervaring met een Nederlandse pro-Russische Twitter gebruiker, ook al waren de problemen grotendeels mijn eigen schuld, dat geef ik toe. Ach ja, ervaringen geven je de mogelijkheid om te leren, en het is daarom ook inmiddels tijd dat ik over mijn eigen angsten rondom de Nederlandse taal heen stap. Toepasselijk is het daarom dan ook om het moment te pakken door de vertaling van een Russische lied te delen, dat precies daarom

A small refresher of English words, as apparently many have forgotten what the words exactly mean: Nationality – Being a national of a country, which is based on the country you were born at. Your nationality will never change throughout your life. Citizenship – Being a citizen of a country. Citizenship is mostly gotten based on country of birth, though some countries only award citizenship by a certain age, but can also be gotten in other ways, which include by naturalisation and by marriage, There are also more uncommon ways,

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