(Advice: Fully read what I wrote before judging what I said.) I always find it funny when people at “the west” call this song (Тили-тили бом / Tili-tili bom) “creepy”… Those who suppose this is creepy, need to check out Latvian and Lithuanian folk children’s songs of the past, which are actually in quite some cases 10 times worse. Anyhow, in all seriousness now, for those who seriously believe this is a “legit lullaby”, you are wrong, while some people falsely claim it comes from the Soviet past, it was

For some time I have been mainly sharing translations, and at my social media accounts, apart of YouTube, messages of hope and happiness. It may seem weird, as, to some, that is no activism and advocacy. Well, let me be clear, in the days of today, it is the only effective way of activism and advocacy. We all have seen all sorts of activism by now, shouters like Trump, rebels like Navalny, victims like Malala, and a long list of many others.. They all actually have 1 thing in common,

Foreword I used this song before to end my blog post “Our lives: once lived, now forgotten” Yet, nowhere online is an English translation that is truly able to be understood, caused by a general lack of understanding that 1-on-1 translations can work in some cases, but in case of this song, you will need a natural translation, meaning the focus on the meaning. To do this, I translated based on full phrases, so not like this: “Ich denk’ so oft zurück an das was war an jenem so geliebten

Foreword Already translated before the other song I translated of Arcash, as this song is very meaningful to me, However, I forgot to publish it here at my blog. Like with most of my translations, the official lyrics were not available online before I started translating, so it is possible that the Russian lyrics has some errors. Enjoy. Song English translation A woman was sitting on a padded stool near an office Anxiously looking out the window, waiting for an answer And outside the window, autumn has already replaced the

Politics, politics, politics… Are you not getting bored by them? Please, don’t get me wrong, politics are important in life, but the fact that close to 100% of the world has no clue annoys me… Politics, the job of running an area, like a country, or at least, that is what politics should have been about. Instead, we have created many useless words, like liberals, conservatives, anarchists, and a huge long list after… But really, why do we need all those words? I just don’t get when it has happened

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