Translation was previously already shared by me at LyricsTranslate, however, due to them stating, without authorisation, that copyright belongs to a certain third party, translation is republished here. German lyrics with thanks to Geli (Coopysnoopy@LyricsTranslate), who took the time to help out fixing the errors that are within the original lyrics that can be found at most other websites. Enjoy. Song: Original lyrics: Alles ist still Der Wind hat sich zum Schlafen hingelegt Und Schweigen herrscht überall Kein Monster, das sich regt Und wer nun bald schläft, der findet Frieden

IMPORTANT: Before replying on this, please first check the added notes at the end of this blog post. Thank you very much! One of my top 3 favourites at music is Kids of the Apocalypse, one of those who are located at no location in specific. They’re incredible in videos, awesome at music, and interesting in backstory… Backstory you might ask.. Yes, as while they haven’t been open about it themselves, it becomes clear when you go fact-checking. Let’s not make it difficult, and just start right away. Starting with

Positivity, it should be shared, right? It is quite disturbing to see how many people are actually not agreeing with this. The reason behind this is not truly known to me, so if it’s justified I would not know, but to be honest, it does not truly matter either way. While this is an obvious weird response to something, it is just the same at many other subjects, including talking about mental health. I personally am not shy to talk about the subject of mental health, eventually, I have a

Dear Trump supporters, The one who you wanted to be President of the USA has become exactly that, congratulations. However, it is time for you to have some clarity about your own acts, so please bear with me at this one. You know those statements you make about Liberals? I love them, especially because you, the Trump supporters, are the ones who are liberals, so I am glad you are able to have so much fun about yourselves. As let’s be clear, a liberal is the opposite of a conservationist,

Many discussions are about so-called truths nowadays, even though in reality, truth is not as important as many suppose. Truth-seekers like Wikileaks for example are great when it comes to bringing out the reality, but at the same time, their truth is not right, as they even publicise private information of innocents. The truth is only a part of what is right. This is one of the reasons why I am against Trump for example, as I’m someone who would support a politician who wants change, as I am against

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