[Pre-Release][New] About Me

To some there is always some great importance about the stories of other people, I’m the opposite, I like interacting with anyone, and I do not mind where some came from, just how someone is now.
However, as some people would like to know, the following is who I am.

I’m a boy, born at the Ukrainian city of Zaporizhia, of parents that were never meant to be together.
Both my ancestral sides are traditional, with my father having been a high ranked soldier and a patriot of Russia, and my mother is a Polish family person, caring and non-working.
Yet, I know both more by stories than experience, as like I said, their relation was never meant to be, and I was literally left at Ukraine, the turning point for them also to actually break up, with my father returning to Russia, and my mother to Poland.
Eventually I never had a true chance to get to know my father, and he is no longer alive.
Though, I am blessed with an older sister at Uzbekistan.

My own past is something I rather do not look back at, as the first 14 years of my life have been horrible.
A life of orphanages, adoptions and returns, the street, conflict, and the general parts of life that people ignore, or have biased opinions about.
I tend to be pretty closed about this all at the internet, and this probably will not change within my own lifetime, it is a part of my life that doesn’t have to be public knowledge.
My focus is on moving forwards, making things better, being positive, and be the best at the moment I live at, not what has been.

There are no patriotic or nationalistic views of myself, even though I do have my supports.
This has to do with me being open to opinions, there eventually will never be one opinion, so I don’t feel like opposing this by being overly supportive to anything else than kindness and honesty.
However, it is not like I will accept anything, but as long as anyone is respectful to me, I will be the same back.
When it comes to my views of the world, I am a Karaite-Jew, while being raised the first 13 years of my life with primarily the Islam and Christianity, and I’m not “strict” when it comes to religion either.
On political level I am a pluralist and globalist, because the world officially is the same, which is why it has not yet burned down to the ground…
It is also the reason why I oppose people like Donald Trump and Theresa May for example, as the more we divide, the more problems we will all experience.

[Updated further soon.]