[Short] A possible solution to Jerusalem

[Note: I really don’t care about what is politically accepted, I just care for what would solve problems.]

Deaths, deaths, and even more deaths, that is what we talk about when it comes to Jerusalem, which is really sad when we take a moment to notice that this city is important in all Abrahamic religions, also the reason why the fights about this continue on a daily basis…
It’s one of the reason why I keep quiet about the current situation regarding the State of Israel and the State of Palestine. The other reasons include Hamas, the Israeli oppression of (State-)Palestinians, antisemitism, and the 3 sides their political allegiances.
And the saddest part of the situation regarding Jerusalem is that the solution has been in the hands of the United Nations since the moment they started existing, and also has been shown to be possible in the smallest independent state of Europe…

When it comes to the situation in the region of Israel and Palestine, there is often only a focus on 2 of the major Abrahamic religions, while the third one tends to be outside of view. Which is strange, as Christianity has as much to lose by Jerusalem closing its doors to either Judaism or Islam.
However, Christianity also plays an important part when it comes to the possible solution, as they are the ones behind the smallest independent state in Europe, as that is quite obviously Vatican City.

The thing is, the United Nations is the organisation that should be about peace and prosperity, to be the solution when countries are unable to resolve problems themselves.
Yet, when it comes to the situation of the State of Israel and the State of Palestine, they generally are silent, and even when they speak up, it is only to add more fuel on the fire.
And that is while if they simply would stand firm and worked towards making Jerusalem an independent neutral country, they would do exactly what they were set up to do.
Still, more important than just that, if they would proclaim it as an United Nations country, it would make things impossible to go wrong again.
After all, an attack on the country would in that case be an attack on the international community, a huge mistake.
And also, it would resolve a worry that people of the 3 major Abrahamic religions have, the possibility of not being able to visit their holy city again…
The United Nations would even help themselves by doing so, as currently their main location is in New York, a heavily criticised location as it is within the United States, a country which is not neutral, and also not about peace.

Jerusalem could be a truly neutral location…
Still, whether the United Nations is smart enough to notice this solution, well, I really doubt it…