We live in an age when it is basically impossible to not be active on social media.
So, it’s no surprise that I am active on social media as well.
On several platforms actually, although, not on all of them very active.
And yes, like here on my blog, I primarily try to use the English language on my social media profiles, with only sometimes a message in another language.
That is with two exceptions though, which is VK, where I only use Russian, and Instagram, where I always use a combination of both Russian and English.
Eventually, I am not native to the English language, instead I was raised in the Russian language, my first language.

That being said, not only my language usage is important to be aware of before following me on social media.
Every social media profile of mine I use for a different purpose, meaning that you could follow me on Twitter and Facebook and notice completely different posts.
This is because I don’t like reading the exact same post whenever I switch to another platform, meaning I expect you, the reader, having the same as I have.
In regards to that, my own Twitter messages are generally a combination of a message, quote, and a song, as well as a dedicated support towards non-profit organizations.
While most often my Facebook messages are animal videos, motivational videos, music, and the most random facts that I know. Or pretty much the most standard social media feed. 😛
It might not be the way most others are active on social media, but it is my way.

Also, which are the last 2 things I will note before just sharing a list of my social media profiles.
I don’t share my photos anywhere else but on Instagram, this has to do with a combination of privacy and cyber safety. In regards to this, don’t be surprised if I may choose to reject a follow request on Instagram. It’s kind of why I don’t share any of my photos here on my blog either. Too often I read news bulletins about how people are bullied or worse, which I prefer to avoid. When you wish to follow me on Instagram, it is often wise to send a message through any of my other social media profiles before trying.
The second and last note has to do with my personal attitude. Most of the time I am very straightforward in my opinions, even though over-explanatory. You may regard it as offensive, even though there is no deliberate attempt to be this way. It is just how I am; I like jokes, but no nonsense. Hence I don’t do all that third-person talk here on my blog, nor those standard pages. Kindly I would ask to remember this while interacting with me, as I never deliberately choose to be offensive, even though I do know it may be regarded this way.

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