To @DefendingHistor

First of all, hi Mister Katz. Thank you for actually sharing your name, as I don’t really like talking to people who talk through accounts that are in name of organizations, places, etcetera. It always makes me feel like the other is either dishonest or trolling, at least that they have something to hide.

When it comes to me responding to you, it was based on the first 2 names, as I have no clue who Anna Nemtsova even is… From what I could find based on a Google search, she is some journalist, which already explains it, as I am someone who hardly reads journalistic releases, regardless who publishes them. There are a few journalists who I do read, but that is because I respect them based on what I have learned about them through Twitter, or I know them not just online, but also have met them in real life.

Now, when it comes to one of the other names, Ro Khanna, I can state something, as he tweeted this, and I quote exactly:
“There is a large, well-armed fascist movement growing in Ukraine and the mainstream media has been completely silent. Silence is complicity. We must speak out and take steps to stop the resurgence of anti-semitism and Holocaust denial in both Ukraine and Poland.”
Or in case you want proof:

Now, that alone does not state enough, but this should help out:

After that he decided to remove the tweet without any mention or anything…
Of course, that doesn’t state a whole lot, but when someone has proof of something being true, they could at least share some proof, something that he never did.
It doesn’t state he is anything in relation to Russia, but there is no denying that it is suspicious and it makes it likely that he only shared it on hearsay, and not anything factual.

When it comes to Eduard Dolinsky I can also state something, once again because I messaged him:

In case of him things are a bit clearer, first of all based on the URL in his biography, which leads to an unregistered website, one which has never been registered before. This is something that is well known of bots. The second is the seemingly automated content before him focusing on antisemitism in Ukraine. And third weird thing is his response to me, which was: “Sorry, I forgot to ask you what should I do”. It confused me, as he previously tweeted in perfect English, and that is not able to be understood. At least, I can’t understand. And the fourth one is him writing “Kiev” instead of “Kyiv”, which is a really strange one, as even I write Kyiv correctly, and that’s while I was, and am, raised in the Russian language, not the Ukrainian.
Apart of all of that, there are the Jewish values, as he is director general of the Ukrainian Jewish Committee, meaning I would have supposed he knew the Torah even better than I ever would. I suppose when I quote the following that it would say enough to you:

“And the Lord said, “Since the cry of Sodom and Gomorrah has become great, and since their sin has become very grave,
I will descend now and see, whether according to her cry, which has come to Me, they have done; [I will wreak] destruction [upon them]; and if not, I will know.”
And the men turned from there and went to Sodom, and Abraham was still standing before the Lord.
And Abraham approached and said, “Will You even destroy the righteous with the wicked?
Perhaps there are fifty righteous men in the midst of the city; will You even destroy and not forgive the place for the sake of the fifty righteous men who are in its midst?
Far be it from You to do a thing such as this, to put to death the righteous with the wicked so that the righteous should be like the wicked. Far be it from You! Will the Judge of the entire earth not perform justice?”
And the Lord said, “If I find in Sodom fifty righteous men within the city, I will forgive the entire place for their sake.”
And Abraham answered and said, “Behold now I have commenced to speak to the Lord, although I am dust and ashes.
Perhaps the fifty righteous men will be missing five. Will You destroy the entire city because of five?” And He said, “I will not destroy if I find there forty-five.”
And he continued further to speak to Him, and he said, “Perhaps forty will be found there.” And He said, “I will not do it for the sake of the forty.”
And he said, “Please, let the Lord’s wrath not be kindled, and I will speak. Perhaps thirty will be found there.” And He said, “I will not do it if I find thirty there.”
And he said, “Behold now I have desired to speak to the Lord, perhaps twenty will be found there.” And He said, “I will not destroy for the sake of the twenty.”
And he said, “Please, let the Lord’s wrath not be kindled, and I will speak yet this time, perhaps ten will be found there.” And He said, “I will not destroy for the sake of the ten.”
And the Lord departed when He finished speaking to Abraham, and Abraham returned to his place.”

This is in a sense why I never judged anyone in Russia based on the acts of the Russian government, as inbetween bad people, there are also good people, and those good people should not be condemned based on the bad people. Something that should also apply when it comes to Ukraine, but from what Mister Dolinsky publishes, this does not seem the case. As everything he shares about Ukraine is the bad, there is nothing that could in any sense be regarded positive. The thing is, he could have published something about our Jewish community, as that is what we should expect him to publish about, like the Menorah( center) here in Dnipro, which is the “biggest multifunctional Jewish community center in Europe”, and possible even the world. Or how the Ukrainian Jewish community differentiates from the Israeli community. Just to name 2 obvious examples. But no, everything makes Ukraine looks bad, and apart of just the country of Ukraine, also all Ukrainians, including our Jewish community, as we are eventually still Ukrainians as well.
Tell me, G-d would never hurt a whole city for the sake of a few good people, so why is it allowed for a whole community of a country to be hurt while there are also good people in the country? Is G-d not one of our teachers in life?

That is what bothers me and why I decided to reply to you, as there is a focus of both of these people on the bad, but nothing good about Ukraine is shared by them. Just be honest with yourself, wouldn’t you have the same if the same is done for Lithuania, the USA, or Israel (whichever feels more like home to you)?
Maybe they don’t share Russian propaganda in itself, but by those shares, they do support the Russian propaganda that is ongoing in a sense, as it is no secret that Ukraine and Russia are in a state of conflict, and by their shares they make Ukraine look worse.