YouTube’s downfall is only part of Google’s ongoing problem

Once Google was the leader among the search engines and their future looked rosy. Hence them expanding, buying enterprises like YouTube. However, that was previously, and while Google started this year in good standings, Google is spiralling down fast, which even sources within the Google Corporation don’t deny. The company… Read More »

Translation: Mono Inc. – Tag X

Translated Music Video The subtitles currently lack the phrase “Always rising higher.”. This is on my to-do list to fix, but because of some server maintenance, I can’t fix this right at this moment.   Translation: You only live in memories and old melodies, while chasing your own tail. Lie… Read More »

Copyright or sharing publicly online, but not both

If you are a content creator, you probably have experienced it at least once, someone shamelessly copying your content. However, you could simply contact the website owner and get it removed, right? Well, the answer to that is actually often a simple “no”. But why you might ask? Well, that’s… Read More »

Revised Translation: Blutengel – Kinder dieser Stadt

I first translated this song in 2016. The reason for revising has to do with syncing and grammatical issues, which now have been resolved. Age gate info: The age rating has been set to 13+ by my third-party partner, hence you will be seeing an age gate when you first… Read More »

Translation: Gad Elbaz ft. Avi Benjamin – Очи чёрные

Foreword Interesting note: The video was recorded in Kyiv, Ukraine! 🙂 As with previous text translations, this translation is based on the official lyrics. The reason for not doing this one as a video translation, even though you can find the video below, is because several parts that were in… Read More »

Translation: LETZTE INSTANZ – Wir sind eins

While this music video is even a bit controversial to myself, I am a strong believer of one world and one humanity. Meaning, sometimes I have to look past controversies, and just think of the goal. I doubt I will need to say more than this.

When there are problems between authors and translators

As a translator and subtitler, I often find myself noticing mistakes in other people’s subtitles. An example of this is a share on the Power of Positivity page on Facebook, where instead of “recess”, a part of this video was subtitled as “Reese’s”. Annoying, but that’s all. Pretty much anyone… Read More »