Previously there was the social media edition, now the personal edition in which I answer 10 random questions that were asked through social media.

1 – Do you support Equality?

Yes and no.
Yes, I would like there to be equality.
No, I do not think equality will exist any time soon.
The thing is, when it comes to equality, most people will think about women treated unequal, or those who have darker skin colors…
That are however only 2 of the many examples possible, which already show there will not be any equality soon.
To take those 2 examples, males are quite often treated unequal as well, just because I am a boy I will already get looked at weird when I talk to a girl in a friendly way, by both males and females, that while it is just normal to have both female and male friends, no matter if you are male or female, apart of that, I have a girlfriend, so I am not interested in other girls… So all that is done is me getting treated unequal, just because I am male, as in fact the other way around it is less common to work that way…
Those with darker skins indeed get treated differently, however, that is just the same when it comes to those with light skins… I will get treated differently just because I am a “pink skin” as some call it, that by those who have darker skin colors… I could not be the only “white” person between others that are darker skins, as that would be weird to them…
The thing is, equality works both ways, and currently that is not understood by basically every single of the examples, as much as  it may hurt knowing it, it is the truth…
As long as that does not happen, it will not work the other way around either, meaning that equality will never ever happen….

2 – What is your nationality?

Officially, it is currently Russian, but that is not how I feel.
I was born at Ukraine rather by chance than anything else, as otherwise I would have been Polish…
The thing is, when I look at my biological parents being Polish and Russian, 2 countries that are basically enemies, I came to understand something, which is that nationality is nothing.
It is like people who look at “race” “ethnicity” and all those other weird words…
You are not different to another because you are of a different country, you look differently or anything else, you are human and that is the only qualification that should matter.
We as humans did indeed thought up some crappy country system, but just look at what it has actually brought us, fighting everywhere…
And that is not only fighting just now, but all throughout history, never ending hurt…
So if you ask my nationality, I will state I am European, as that is the part of the world I was born at, if you need a country, I am an Ukrainian, as that is what I am by heart.
“You can take a boy out of a country, but you can not take the country out of the boy.”
That are some wise words we might want to learn, that our nationality is not what has been chosen by random facts, but rather what you feel yourself to be…

3 – Do you support LGBT people?

You can be only how you are, so yes.
The thing is, some are born either lesbian/gay, bi-sexual or transgender, just like me and others are born hetero, that is the way it is.

4 -Who are your source of wisdom?

Everyone is my source of wisdom.
Elderly have much experience at life, adults know how things work right now and we as children and youth have new visions that could be positive.
It is how the world should work, everyone being important, everyone having a say and working together to the best possible future.

5 – What is your religion?

I am Jewish(Maternal, not conversion), with ties to Eastern Orthodoxy and the Islam.
As I was adopted, I live with family that are not by blood, they share the other 2 religions, which equals in being raised with 3 religions instead of just 1.

6 – Vegan, Vegetarian or Carnivore?

Vegan, but not by choice.
I am allergic to all meat that I have ever tried, including fish, but also to many other things people like to call food.
That even includes several plants for example.
If I could eat meat, I probably would, as that is actually how the world works…
Just think about the fact that spiders eat flies, and that is not bad for nature, that is good for nature, as that keeps the world not being overcrowded with flies.
Every part of nature has an purpose, and that even includes us, so we are just another part of nature that is not that weird of that we eat meat.
However, the part that is bad, is that we have come to see every creature of the wild, or animals as some people prefer, as food, which is not how nature actually works…
Neither is it right that we grow creatures to be just used as food, and therefore needing to grow it fast and easily…

7 -What are your top 5 countries?

In random order, they are Ireland, Belarus, Turkey, Lebanon and Uzbekistan.

8 – Who do you like most?

I like people who are themselves, nothing more than that.
The thing is, you could act like you are someone else, but eventually you will always show that you are yourself in the end.
Apart of that, everyone is amazing, there is no exclusion of that.

9 – How many languages do you speak and/or write?

I speak or write over 20 languages at this moment.
That does not say I speak or write them to perfection, but that is in fact almost never needed.
I think it is however respectful to speak in another’s language when I am at their country.
When it comes to online, I prefer to often stay at just English, it is in basics the most international language.

10 – What do you do to improve the world?

I currently sponsor someone younger than me at Mexico, however, that is not by my own money, so it is not truly my act.
My own act is all about happiness and positivity, I am in contact with other children and youth who are less fortunate than the general society children and youth…
As I experienced myself too, a message of someone else who shows he or she cares for you, that is in fact something that turns the worst days to something bearable.
This was once shown to me, now I spread it forward, and I am happy to have the possibility through the support of several organizations and charities.
At this moment, I interact through letters, emails and even chat with 92 children and youth close to my own age from Ukraine, Russia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Ireland, Singapore, Mexico, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Pakistan.
It is a great experience to me too, as while I try to be the source of happiness to them, they are almost always the same to me.