Over the past weeks I received several questions related to my social media activities, I have decided to answer 10 of them.

1 – Do you use your real name at social media?

No, I do not use the name I have at my passport. I however do use my real name. I have undergone a namechange in the past, I currently use an old name, that however does not equal it is not my real name. It is however not my current name. The choice for this was because of the lack of internet safety and privacy protection.

2 – Did you ever use a bot at social media?

Yes, I do. No that should not be I did. It is important to know that a bot is a piece of automated software, which actually equals almost all applications usable at Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I do however use a bot to find new followers at Instagram, which is not that uncommon at Instagram. I do not use any bots for my personal Facebook, Twitter and VKontakte accounts.

Just to note: Twitter’s Terms of Service actually prohibits at least 50% of the well-known Twitter applications, some even adviced by Twitter employees themselves to use. If someone would be crazy enough to take Twitter to court over suspensed accounts, Twitter would lose, this because the Terms of Service are contradicted by Twitter themselves, but not only that, also because legal equality is also in effect over Terms of Services, as these are legal agreements. It would be wise for Twitter to notice this themselves before anyone would actually do this…

3 – Do you get help with your accounts?

Yes. I currently get help with my Twitter and Instagram accounts of my adoptive sisters. During upcoming schooltimes this may sometimes equal in my location changing fast to Turkey, this because one of my adoptive sisters follows education at Turkey. I get help because I am not without my mistakes and to improve my online safety.

4- Why do you use the English language?

English is the most known language at the internet, apart of probably Mandarin, it seems obvious to use it for just that reason.
I do however not always use English, apart of Twitter, most of my other social media accounts contain close to no English at all.

5 – What is your favorite Social Media platform?

Instagram, it misses a lot of complex situations which you encounter at Twitter.
Facebook, Odnoklassniki and Vkontakte are top closed-off to my liking.
And YouTube misses good ways to socially interact, hence me just not seeing it as social media.

6 – Will you give me a shoutout?

I do not give shoutouts at request of anyone. I do however openly communicate at Twitter, meaning you could cause your mention to become a shoutout if you want, just interact.
Social media is about being social, so if you are social and interact often, I might do a shoutout on my own.

7 – Do you have any dislikes at social media?

Follow baiters, Children below the age of 12 who are active online. Children and youth accounts managed by parents who act like they are these children and youth.*
Those newly active at Social Media and those who are not very active at Social Media, who go around critizing others who have more followers or are more active than them.
Apart of those, I dislike those who copy content without a direction to original sharer, trolls and those verified people who think they are more than others.

*At some countries acting like someone else is counted as identity theft, which is a criminal offense and in case of complaints, could cause legal procedures, even if it is your own child.
Your child is protected by the Convention on the Rights of the Child, just like any other child. The protection of a child can overturn your power as parent.
There are some active at justice who actively look for these examples and could cause you legal problems.
So if you do create account(s) for you child(ren), be sure that it is  child-safe, not just for your child, but every child, so please do not post any indecent photos, as this is something that currently is causing a lot of unsafety for children at the internet, as probably you follow and are followed by children when you have such account, which will become targetted at the same time you share such examples. It may seem obvious, but in actual fact happens very often that parents see something as innocent, but others do not…
Thank you from the bottom of my heart to all parents who understand and keep this in mind while being active, you help me and many other children (and young persons) to be just a bit more safe online.

8 – Will you follow or befriend me?

I follow, subscribe and befriend others based on content or by follow/subscribe back requests. So, interact and I probably will follow you back, otherwise you can always ask.

9 – How did you get your followers?

I am overly active and like to interact, not only openly, but also by private messages. Quite many I have at both Twitter and Instagram or Twitter and Facebook. So even though it may not always look like it, it is because I try to interact as much as possible with others.

10 – You are quite random at social media, why?

I am a human, which means we are like any animal, diverse in our doings. A robot does always the same things, but anything else, no.
All animals have some repetitive acts, but when it comes to social media, I try to be as diverse as I can be.