Reviews, it is something that I will never write.
An basic importance of a good review is not spoiling anything, and then I actually mean truly nothing.
That is something I can not do, and as I am aware of it, I act upon it.
Still we see more and more reviews that basically spoil everything they review, making it unneeded to experience it yourself.
And even more so, the thousands of trailers of products cause it just as well.
However, that I do not want to write reviews, does not mean I will not talk about products.

Like Haidji, a writer I got to learn about thanks to her Twitter.
I soon after started reading her books through the Amazon Kindle Unlimited service, but also was lucky enough to get an autographed book.

It did not take long for me to have all the books read, but writing something about it, that has taken long.
The difficulty at writing a review that fits her books is that it is actually impossible, as her style is so unique, that a review degrades her books.
While I was reading her books a world of poetry and wonder became clear, with a story written in a style close to how poets write their poems.
Step by step a new story unfolded until eventually the book had come to an end and I remained asthonished.
Haidji’s books are unexplainable by words, yet neither by ratings.
If you want to know her books, you need to read them yourself, not some review about them.

And that is how I am at reviews in general.
We can say so many words about anything, yet only you can understand.
Reviews are simply nothing compared to the product, and yet could take away the fun of it.
So, this one in a lifetime moment for me, writing a short review about an author.
An author that I could not fully explain with just mere words…